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change (a compound) into an ester

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They obtained the yield of esterification by more than 90% under the following conditions: temperature is 120 [degrees]C, time is 1.
Gallic acid [1], namely, 3, 4, 5-trihydroxybenzoic acid, exhibited many biological, physiological and pharmacological activities, and its derivatives, especially gallates that can be prepared by the esterification reaction with various alcohols, have attracted widely attentions from medical, food, agricultural and industrial communities [2].
Based on these aspects, this work aimed the production of eugenyl acetate by enzymatic esterification of clove essential oil, and the investigation of toxic potential against the microcrustacean Artemia salina of clove essential oil (Caryophylins aromaticus) before and after the enzymatic esterification, in order to provide toxicity information for future applications thereof.
An important component of total operating costs is the price of the esterification agent.
When fatty acids of oils and fats are converted into biodiesel using trans-esterification their properties seems to be very close or in some cases better than diesel fuels for use in diesel engines because the product formed after trans- esterification consists of high viscosity.
N]2 alkylation) and final LC compounds A and B were obtained from Y and X via Steglich esterification and Williamson ether synthesis, respectively: (i) Williamson ether reaction: KOH, 1-bromoalkane, and DMSO at room temperature overnight under [N.
There are numerous methods of producing the biodiesel from the natural renewable resources however; Tran's esterification produces high quality biodiesel with desired qualities of low viscosity and, high combustion power.
These clean, efficient catalysts can be used from lab to plant scale across a range of transformations including esterification, elimination, protection and deprotection, rearrangement, cyclisation and hydrolysis reactions.
Acid-catalyzed esterification may occur faster in wines of a lower pH.
Esterification in a structured catalytic reactor with counter-current water removal.
1) Starch monosubstition in nature of etherification and esterification as well as forms of polymer grafting.
Vinylester, is a resin produced by the esterification of an epoxy resin with an unsaturated monocarboxylic acid.
The higher conversions (around 95%) were found after esterification (reaction time 1 h) and transesterification (reaction time 1h) using an alcoholoil molar ratio of 60 and a temperature of 60[degrees]C.
During the esterification process the glycerol backbone of TGs is removed by substituting it with ethanol.
The first step was acid esterification which is primarily a pretreatment process.