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Moreover, an enhanced crosslink density via ester linkage between phenolic hydroxyl group of PBA-a and anhydride group of dianhydride as depicted in FTIR spectra results in further [T.
In addition, the thermal decomposition studies in both nitrogen and air environments indicate that the decomposition starts from the rupture of ester linkage.
DRIFT'S analysis of maleamic acid-treated fabrics confirmed the formation of ester linkages via protonated amide functional groups at 160[degrees]C.
2012a, 2012b), this peak suggests ester linkages resulting from the reaction between citric acid and wood.
These aryl ester linkages are based on resorcinol rather than bisphenol A.
The long term hypothesis to be tested is that polymers with high cross-link density containing no hydrolyzable ester (-C( = O)O-C-) groups will be more durable in dental applications than contemporary polymers that contain ester linkages upon which cross-linking and stability depend.
NMT at present works only with aluminum and resins that contain ester linkages, such as PBT and PPS.
It is suggested that alkali treatment hydrolyses the ester linkages between lignin and the cell wall polysaccharides mainly hemicellulose (Chesson, 1981), and carbohydrates more accessible to the action of rumen micro-organisms followed by significant improvements in organic matter digestibility (Wadhwa and Makkar, 1995).
Paro: The key synergies are in building the ester linkages and finding the raw materials that help us build those linkages for our customers.
has been granted a patent for a radiation-curable composition comprised of a urethane (meth)acrylate oligomer comprised of an alkyd backbone, the alkyd backbone being derived from a polyester, the polyester having pendant ester groups protruding off of a main polymer chain of ester linkages, the pendant ester groups being derived from a compound selected from the group consisting of coconut oil, palm Kernel oil, and hydrogenated varieties of unsaturated oils or fatty acids having an Iodine value below 100 centigrams Iodine I gram sample; a reactive diluent; and a photoinitiator wherein the composition, when cured, has a hydrolysis resistance of less than 30% loss in equilibrium modulus after 30 days exposure at 85[degrees]C and 85% relative humidity.