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station wagon

Synonyms for estate car

a car that has a long body and rear door with space behind rear seat

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Those classic Volvo estate cars of the sixties and seventies were legendary, built like tanks, hugely practical and they still look good today.
With the E-Class already acknowledged as the king of estate cars the so-called All-Terrain model ups the ante in no uncertain fashion.
HEAVY-DUTY estate cars have a point to prove in the current crossover climate and few can be more capable than the new Mercedes-Benz E-Class All-Terrain.
While the styling remains conservative what is under the skin of the RS6 Avant creates the ultimate estate car - a feast of excellence for those who appreciate cutting edge technology.
The curvy, free-flowing shape of the car, the raked roofline and the sleek, swept back bi-Xenon headlights - which are among the best I have come across - are a world away from the traditional squared-off estate cars of the past.
Certainly an estate car of quality, the Peugeot 407 SW Sport also comes with a rear tailgate and rear windscreen which can be opened separately.
Overall, this is a very fine family estate car but not only is Hyundai delivering a high value for money motor car, the Korean car maker also considers its products so reliable these days that a five-year unlimited mileage warranty is included in the deal - now that really is confidence for you.
Raunchy rump should be Rear of the Year; Merecedes' sexy shooting-brake coupe re-invents the estate car
Sporting estate cars that are as sleek as conventional coupes are predicted to become all the rage within a couple of years, as epitomised by the new Mercedes-Benz R-class.
It even will take--I can hear the screams of horror--a mid-size crossover-type vehicle that adds "space" to "pace" and "grace" by melding the Old World charm of an upscale estate car with the sinewy reflexes and sensuous curves of a sports car.
Otherwise, you can't have this much fun in an estate car without folding down the back seats and inviting in Atomic Kitten.
It's obvious that Jaguar has designed the X-type estate to meet the expectations of a new generation of estate car buyers for whom style is a key consideration.
SPORTS utility vehicles and crossovers may be the talk of the town for some motorists but the good old fashioned and conventional estate car is still going strong, certainly in the premium car sector.
From the outside, it looks like a normal estate car - albeit an attractive one, what with the roof rails, the long, sleek body and the robust finish.
THE ideal estate car is one that offers excellent utility but doesn't penalise you for it with poor refinement and soggy handling.