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a large estate in Spanish-speaking countries

the main house on a ranch or large estate

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Ridon said the unenforced law has failed to immediately address the damage caused by the Power Barge 103 that ran aground the shoreline of Barangay Botongon, Estancia in Iloilo on November 8 last year.
Estancia at Wiregrass residents will have access to the Estancia Club, a 7,000-square-foot clubhouse that provides all the grandeur of a five-star resort.
Coxilha Rica [1] (MR1), Estancia do Meio [1] (MR2), Born Jesus [1] (MR3), Rio Santana [1] (MR4).
Estancia Campos is the second deposit in the block, which currently has a daily production of 78 cu m (2,755 cu ft) of oil and 240,000 cu m of gas.
The hotel and villa complex will form part of 'La Estancia de Cafayate', a residential and sporting estate.
November 11-13--California Beer & Beverage Distributors 62nd Annual Convention at the Estancia LaJolla Hotel and Spa in LaJolla, California.
El efecto que tiene el tratamiento de dialisis en pacientes de edad muy avanzada ingresados en centros de larga estancia y en fase final de patologia renal cronica es un tema muy controvertido.
Yet a numb bum and stiff legs are small price to pay for the sheer thrill of chivvying cows on a working estancia in the foothills of the Argentinian Andes.
Summary: The biggest problem facing the owners of La Estancia, an Argentinean steakhouse in Gemmayzeh, isn't the Spanish speaking chef, the 75-year-old building, or the imported empanada dough - but convincing customers to order their meat medium rare.
Icon Estates, with Eric Morham as president, will handle luxury brands such as Robert Mondavi Winery, Simi, Estancia, Franciscan, Kim Crawford, Ruffino and Wild Horse.
West Ranch 32, Estancia 7: Ross Bacon rushed for 123 yards and two touchdowns as the visiting Wildcats (4-2) beat Estancia of Costa Mesa (5-2) at Orange Coast College.
Estancia Wines has appointed a director of winemaking.
The five-bedroom Addison Mizner-inspired estate home is called Estancia Del Mar.
The estancia, the large plot of land devoted to livestock raising has been--and probably still is--a stereotypical image of Argentine rural life and society.
45 km NW of Santa Rosa, Estancia El Pincen (Site 3): One female (TTU 64404), open Espinal forests of calden; 10 km SW of Santa Rosa, Chacra La Lomita (Site 5): One male (TTU 66518) and one female (TTU 66517), crops with pastures and linear habitats along fences with piquillin (Condalia microphylla), molle (Schinus sp.