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a small (and usually shabby) cafe selling wine and beer and coffee

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To dismiss the dominant memory as elite manipulation is to do a disservice to the uneducated veteran from northern Alberta who wistfully recalled the estaminets of France, the penurious spinster in Vancouver who sent a dollar to the war memorial fund, or the schoolgirl who marched proudly in a Nova Scotia Armistice Day parade.
My own role was to accompany him now and then to the village cenotaph, no doubt to see if the names engraven thereon had changed, but mostly to sit beside him, I not yet ten, as he opened out his maps and planted his flags, bringing the foreign landscape to vivid life as he reminisced about little eateries, estaminets, bakers' and butchers' shops, and even dance halls where defiant music played and forward girls taught him to dance (and who knew what else).
In reserve, the men also generally had good opportunities to spend their extra ration allowance in various outlets, the famous estaminets, dotted around the countryside and in the small towns and villages that were intact.
20 Take, for example, the description of the Opera: "Il faisait beau; on avait chaud; la sueur coulait dans les frisures, tousles mouchoirs tires epongaient les fronts rouges; et parfois un vent tiede, qui soufflait de la riviere, agitait mollement la bordure des tentes en coutil suspendues a la porte des estaminets.
Les cinq sens sont interpelles dans cette entreprise: d'abord, la musicalite de l'ecriture invite a une ecoute attentive de la rythmique du roman, des bruits de Rabat, de ses cafes, de ses estaminets, mais aussi de sa putridite, de l'odeur du shit et de la boutique de Mjid, du bureau nauseabond du protagoniste qui contrastent avec l'effluve capiteux et exotique des noms des personnages : Abire, Yasmine, Qamar, Mouhja, Marjane- Inutile, ensuite, de parler de la facette tactile de l'oeuvre, de l'assaisonnement grivois du livre, compose loin d'une peur aveugle des tabous classiques.
You can dine in the bars and estaminets where our lads once loosened their webbing belts, stroll along the sandy beaches and visit historic old towns.
They bellowed out their cadences and rhymes and doggerel in estaminets, in billets, in concert parties, as they slogged down the paves of Northern France and Flanders, as they went back to Albert or Rouen, as they crowded on the railway platforms or waited by the quayside to embark on the troopship.