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conforming to established practice or standards

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For the establishmentarians who dominate the field of national security, feasibility--and the associated minimization of political risk--is the overriding desideratum for action or inaction.
And while Costello's stunt probably won't endear him to establishmentarians, his decision to report on taking a leak at the Mercury launch site where John Glenn was first rocketed into space was definitely Web-wise: "T-minus 22 hours, 10 minutes: I find relief behind the weeds of John Glenn's launch pad.
For one thing, Foxe supports both establishmentarians and nonconformists in the English church - and Little Gidding is at once conformable and irreducible to the Caroline church.
Conflicts and clashes have surged not only between the regime and its opponents but also among the clerical establishmentarians.
It's a refreshing change from the hollow triumphalist crowing that has emanated from so many establishmentarians since the Cold War and the Gulf War ended.
Despite the small platform successes, the rules changes and rough handling by establishmentarians (including delegates being threatened with ejection for waving Paul signs on the floor) left many of the 185 Paul delegates at the RNC alienated and disheartened.
And of course, if there were any not-nailed-down establishmentarians floating around last year, Fred Thompson picked them up.
Huckabee, of course, is almost entirely unburdened by establishmentarian support.
The division between old-school establishmentarians and neo-conservative advocates of global democratic revolution has been thrust into the open by an October 31 feature story in The New Yorker entitled "Breaking Ranks: What Turned Brent Scowcroft Against the Bush Administration?
If only Californians had the good sense to leave politics to the politicians, the establishmentarians say, the politicians would have been free to create the utopia of our dreams.
And one of Jack's weaknesses was a tendency to defer to sophisticated establishmentarians like Acheson.
This unusual position provokes taunts from journalists and Republican establishmentarians alike.
The Responsive Communitarian Platform boasts "founding endorsements" from scores of academic and political luminaries, including Putnam and Lodge and a host of other like-minded leftist establishmentarians.
Pat Brown, the governor who ordered the law-enforcement action to arrest and remove the demonstrators, was also engaging in actions that were meant to define a kind of dramatic propaganda against the activists of the FSM and in favor of centrists and establishmentarians whom the FSM was trying to discredit.
187) So long as dissenters are permitted to express contrary views using their own resources, including wearing religious symbols or garb to school, and to attend alternative sectarian schools, (188) he says this establishmentarian scenario is consistent with "principled toleration.
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