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conforming to established practice or standards

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When Donne broached the question of the "true church" in Holy Sonnet 18, he rejected the exclusionary tendencies of contemporary prophetic discourse, a position that he only gradually approached in his more establishmentarian sermons.
And of course, if there were any not-nailed-down establishmentarians floating around last year, Fred Thompson picked them up.
passage of mission critical reforms has been hampered by prolonged political infighting between parliament and an establishmentarian
The fact that Stockley was a staunch Establishmentarian, who had retired even before the commissioning of Stanford's Requiem, leaves speculation open.
These were and remain the leading professional organizations for American professors of history and literature, weightily establishmentarian, and before 1968 not the places where anything untoward or newsworthy in the daily press was likely to take place.
He added: "For a country with a rich Nonconformist, anti-Establishment tradition we are, in our own context, incredibly conformist and establishmentarian.
It spun off from the Council on Foreign Relations, establishmentarian think-tank par excellence.
Against the more establishmentarian linguists of the day, most notably Saussure and Chomsky, Smith contrasts Tolkien's thinking.
What stands in our way, of course, is Marlowe himself, who for Vavasour's readers in the 1630s, Lesser contends, was a virtual non-factor; far more pertinent to the play's printing was its recent revival for Court, which seems to have suggested to Vavasour, struggling to make a living as the publisher of predominantly Puritan literature, an opportunity to reinvent his specialty as establishmentarian.
Let us just recognize it for the priestly, establishmentarian aspiration it is.
Moreover, our cultural people, in the sense of producers of the arts defined as creative, are now in a strong and unprecedented relationship with the bureaucratic or establishmentarian world discussed earlier.
The accused (international psychiatry), which could be construed as establishmentarian institutional psychiatry, was not represented at the hearings.
If there is a center of the establishment in this establishmentarian commonwealth, it very well may be the Second Presbyterian Church in downtown Richmond, the state capitol.
Most establishmentarian Christians agree with Tina Pippin, a professor of religious studies at Agnes Scott College in Decatur, Ga.
Even the New England Journal of Medicine (as establishmentarian, and politically timid, a periodical as one could possibly contemplate) admitted the following in 1999:(11)
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