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The Court ruled in its Opinion and Order, based on extensive evidence and witness testimony proffered by Schindler, that the record is uniform and overwhelming that Schindler did not knowingly submit false VETS-100 reports to the DOL, an essential condition for a claim to succeed under the FCA.
When utilized conjunctly with the company's Chorus(TM) telematics, diagnostics and prognostics module, the system utilizes GPS and RFID/UID data to track, locate and transmit essential condition information to remote locations.
Upon enactment, the legislation, known as the ORBIT Act (Open-market Reorganization for the Betterment of International Telecommunications Act), repeals the Satellite Act's restrictions on the ownership of COMSAT stock, thereby satisfying an essential condition to COMSAT's merger with Lockheed Martin Corporation.
As an essential condition for attendance to the meeting, the shareholders must prove, by admissible legal form, to be the holder of shares on the fifteenth day before the date scheduled for the meeting, and keep them in such condition until the termination date thereof.
In announcing the Talisman purchase during Everglades National Park anniversary celebrations last December, Vice President Al Gore promised that swaps of land not needed by the government for Everglades restoration would be part of the final deal, an essential condition for the farmers' support of the transaction.
affirm the right to economic and social development as a fundamental right and an essential condition for reconciliation and issue an opinion on the concept of Aboriginal consent for the exercise of the right to development for land subject to shared use.
The Chairman of the SJSC Riga International Airport Board - Andris Liepins stated, The new route enables the airports of Riga (Latvia) and Ashgabat to access new passenger transport markets, which is an essential condition for the passenger growth.
He said that all new appointments in the board be made purely on merit basis and NTS test must be pursued as essential condition for such recruitment.
The meeting noted the intensification of regional and international cooperation in transport sector is an essential condition for global sustainable development.
The Crown Prince also said that enhancing access to sustainable and reliable energy sources with reasonable costs, particularly for poor countries, is an essential condition for alleviating poverty and achieving development.
She said that national consensus is an essential condition for a successful dialogue.
Freedom for Palestine is the only possible way to achieve a healthy economy, which is an essential condition for a just and lasting peace between Israel and Palestine.
This is an essential condition for establishing a new regime, which in itself includes the broadest possible recognition of other forces that contributed to toppling the former one, as well as the participation of all civil and democratic forces in the transitional period and in laying the foundations for the new rule.
Dialogue is in the core of the Lebanese political system and it is an essential condition for our national living.
The UPA government, as you know believes that rapid and broad based economic growth is essential, In fact is an essential condition for inclusive development.
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