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a writer of literary works


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There can be no excuse for an essayist being dull or ponderous and this collection of essays does not fall into that trap.
Some essayists consider Crafts a "genius" performing "literary alchemy" (82) or the more strained "double-voiced discourse" (78).
The archive also contains the papers of writer Chester Himes, and a small but valuable collection of papers of Native Son author and essayist Richard Wright.
Now available (Doubleday) David Rakoff, the drily droll gay essayist behind Fraud, returns with another hilarious exploration of our bizarre world,
The authors include female athletes Isabella Bird, Freda du Faur, and Annie Peck along with Italian sonneteer Francesco Petrarch and American essayist Henry David Thoreau.
Common principles of pop psychology hold radical implications for changing social norms--as they have in past--and essayist Justman provides a passionate examination of its foundations and dangers.
Van Lankveld paints flat on panel, pushing her diluted oils around wet-on-wet without an advance idea of what the eventual form will be--so explains catalogue essayist Zlatko Wurzberg, anyway.
In the seven short years since the publication of Roy's award-winning novel The God of Small Things, the Indian writer, essayist and activist has become a widely-admired left luminary, an unwavering, high-profile champion of the dispossessed and the marginalized.
Paul Bowles, Magic & Morocco by academician, reviewer, essayist, and translator Allen Hibbard addresses the life and work of expatriate author Paul Bowles.
Ehrenreich considers herself an essayist, but her larger purpose, to show the injustice of contemporary American capitalism, informs each of the essays that make up Nickel and Dimed.
Similar rhapsodic victory announcements were published by Robert Bartley of the Wall Street Journal and essayist Andrew Sullivan, a sell-described "conservative Catholic homosexual activist.
Also highlighted are Brendel's views of the freedoms and obligations of a performer, the work of musicians who have fascinated him and his endeavors as poet and essayist.
Mass can be another fine mess, says Pulitzer Prize-winning essayist Annie Dillard in one of her discourses on church worship.
Osborne's on "Ruskin's Unto This Last (1862)," which the essayist himself had designated in his sub-title as "A Reconsideration" (Winter 1992).
It is one sign of the low esteem into which the essay has fallen that the best-regarded essays are the ones that strain to be stories--the ones, in other words, that renounce the main privilege of the essayist over the storyteller: the right to think out loud, the right to draw conclusions from data rather than merely present it, the right to offer interpretations and propose hypotheses.