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a writer of literary works


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present this first English introduction to the great essayist and media philosopher Vilem Flusser.
Although Samuel Steward's $tud is listed in an appendix, no essayist looks at a one of the vast outpouring of gay pulps from West Coast porn houses that began appearing in the mid-1960's as the Supreme Court loosened obscenity laws.
A major advantage of a collection of essays is that each essayist chooses the subject of which he is an expert, and then allows himself free rein to cover the issues carefully.
The track we can't get enough of is the monolithic 12-minute "The Past Is a Grotesque Animal," a clever number that namechecks Georges Bataille, the '20s essayist and noted French loony, and sounds like the Gang of Four on Casios instead of guitars.
The collaborative work of veteran journalism, television pundit and author Dan Lynch in partnership with essayist and author Paul Rutherford, Into The Dragon's Teeth: Warriors' Tales Of The Battle Of The Bulge recounts the true-life story of three American solders who fought in the World War II epic battle that came to be known as the "Battle of the Bulge".
The other two "Women of Action" honored by ICRF were Susan Isaacs, the best-selling and award-winning novelist, essayist and screenwriter; and Dr.
Essayist Joe Nickell notes the impossibility of determining the true writer as of yet, lamenting that "one person's conviction is another's unlikely scenario.
The British novelist and essayist Brigid Brophy considered masturbation an invaluable spur to the imagination, pointing out that masturbation fantasy was the nearest most people got to the invention of narrative fiction.
Rounding out the "whys" and "hows," Bill Weinberg, embedded industry essayist and MontaVista marketing director, details how Linux-based host and target systems support a new paradigm for distributed/networked code generation, cross loading, debugging and deployment.
I've known Maya more than 30 years," says poet, scholar and essayist Eugene Redmond.
Anyone aware of this long history is likely to smile - or possibly grimace - when seeing the newly published biography ``Paul: The Mind of the Apostle'' (Norton) by British novelist, essayist and editor A.
Though they may appear less naive because they paraphrase, con-textualize and explicate the Essais, they still depend on the essayist himself for their information about his life.
Also known as a screenwriter, novelist and essayist, Parks received a CalArts/Alpert Award in the Arts for her work in theater in 1996.
Geoffrey Jacques is a poet and essayist whose work has appeared, most recently, in Cineaste, Radical Teacher and NKA Journal of Contemporary African Art.
it also turns its attention more toward the West Coast, current home of the professor, cultural critic, poet, and essayist.