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a screen-oriented interactive program enabling a user to lay out financial data on the screen

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No refurbished or refreshed ESS units will be accepted.
Internationally, the ESS office established this year in Hanoi, Vietnam, is also completing projects for both new and repeat clients.
This team will now be assigned to develop the final design of the ESS premises.
A typical out-of-the-box ESS deployment, linking hundreds of searchable sources, takes only hours to install and less than two weeks for total setup.
MARK: If I had a RAMAC and I were happy with it, then when it came time to add another array I'd probably just stay with the RAMAC hardware, rather than switch to ESS.
Ess squirmed in her seat as she mentally replayed the hit that caused Mitchell's injury.
There are numerous factors affecting the growth of the ESS market.
In order to guarantee efficient neutron detectors at the future ESS facility, and avoid dependence on helium-3, whose production is extremely limited, and consequently very expensive, the Neutron Detector Group at ESS and scientists at the Thin Film Physics Division at Linkoping University launched an extensive R&D work aimed at enabling the use of enriched thin films of boron-10 carbide for ESS' detector systems, instead of using helium-3.
When completed, the ESS will be the world-leading centre for materials research and life science with neutrons, and one of the world's largest research facilities.
Japan, Australia, and South Korea are driving the adoption of ESS to enhance the overall system efficiency of the grid, improve the management of existing assets, and maintain a more efficient balance between load and generation on the grid.
The review found the ESS Project to be in good shape, and the reviewers were impressed by the progress of the project so far: "In a very short time an efficient and professional organisation has been built up".
June 30 /PRNewswire-FirstCall/ -- ESS Technology, Inc.
The ESS, to be built in southern Sweden, will be one of the world's largest research facilities when operational in 2019, and an important hub in European research infrastructure.
June 27 /PRNewswire-FirstCall/ -- ESS Technology, Inc.