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BEIRUT: Health Minister Ali Hasan Khalil called on various Lebanese groups to espouse "open responsible dialogue" because this was the only way out of Lebanon's multiple crises.
Jaffer notes that Section 411 of the USA Patriot Act allows the government to bar from this country those "who endorse or espouse terrorist activity.
If those who espouse any faith conduct themselves wisely, in both words and actions, to those outside that faith, then others will be drawn to its teachings.
As I read of, listen to, and discuss with people who espouse this myth-metaphor gospel, I sense that they, in their searching, are creating and becoming another myth.
I don't care for many of the positions espoused by those who identify, themselves as members of the Religious Right, or the way in which many espouse them, but I don't think they're destroying America or Jesus.
Ficino punningly responded, "Would that the marvelous youth had diligently considered the arguments and discussions I have dealt with above before he had had the rashness to confront his own teacher and to espouse an opinion so contrary to that of all the Platonists.
A section of the Muslim middle class and elite, however, was threatened by the militancy of such movements and chose to espouse a modernist version of Islam more amenable to cooperation with colonial powers.
An alteration in its rhetoric, perhaps by starting to espouse a "sound dollar" or offer a studious "no comment" when queried about the currency, can help push the foreign exchanges in the needed direction in light of their sensitivity to any change in the "strong dollar" mantra.
As modern managers not only espouse Theory Y principles but also put them into action ("walk their talk"), organizational excellence will become common.
Although the book has been in circulation for 80 years, it highlights several of the timeless basic tenets that the Whatley team of CPA's and financial advisors espouse.
Summary: BEIRUT: Vice President of the Higher Shiite Council Sheikh Abdel-Amir Qabalan said Sunday Lebanon was currently witnessing a dangerous period as he called on the Lebanese to assume their responsibilities and espouse calm dialogue.
After reading Ruth Conniff's article "Rick Santorum's America" (October issue), one would think that progressives are as afraid to espouse principles of sexual justice as the conservative Senator from Pennsylvania himself.
This is an organization whose members proudly espouse discrimination and denial of human rights.
All religions espouse that true love, indeed, as does all charity.