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Synonyms for espousal

Synonyms for espousal

the act or condition of being pledged to marry

the act or ceremony by which two people become husband and wife

a ready taking up of something

Synonyms for espousal

archaic terms for a wedding or wedding feast

the act of becoming betrothed or engaged


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the act of accepting with approval

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The alternative is to embrace the mainline and substantive approach to policy espousal that resides within the domain of plausible reasoning and natural liberty.
The fact that New Delhi has chosen not do so, but succumbed to the diktats of the Kazhagams in the case of Sri Lanka alone exposes India's espousal of human rights to be opportunistic, craven and bereft of any credibility.
Lyotard's fascination with the un-presentable (the mysterious cradle of pluralization) also has some affinities with Derrida's break with phenomenology and his espousal of an aphanology with its evocation of the excess of "the impossible thing to come" (democracy, justice, true gift, hospitality to strangers).
Citing examples of political espousal of populist ideas by both New Leftists and neoconservatives, she concludes that expert knowledge is still needed to address the concerns of the people.
Bapu might be lauded as "The Father of the Nation" (capitals mandatory), yet if the average Indian student is inundated with lectures on Gandhi's deeds and philosophy (his struggle for independence, his espousal of nonviolence, his celibate lifestyle), Dodiya seems to suggest that Bapu's lessons, like most things learned by rote, are easily forgotten.
The AKP came to power in 2002, and since that time has promoted a political and economic outlook that blends the espousal of free markets with social conservatism.
His further move to the stronger position of full eliminativism concerning propositions is motivated only by his late-in-the-day espousal of the Principle of Sufficient Reason.
However, this espousal of democracy seems to have vanished when it comes to allowing parents a vote over taking schools out of local authority control and turning them into independent academies.
It is a mark of Ataturks greatness that his rejection of imperialism and espousal of the principles of sovereignty and non-interference are now accepted as pillars of a peaceful world order.
In his sermon, patriarch Rai "sang the praises" of "reconciliation within repentance" and counseled what he termed as ' need for rising above petty things by espousal of big hearts and brains
The primary reason for the assignment of these high levels is the belief in the importance of corporate governance and the espousal of a strong loyalty to the Ihlas Holding by all employees, most notably the upper level management," JCR Eurasia said.
NEIL KINNOCK'S affection for the "method" in Tony Blair, and espousal of the thespian arts in politics generally, doesn't tally with his endorsement of the non-Blairite - "Ed is not an actor .
The differing approaches--be that of outright condemnation of Islam or a far more sympathetic understanding, which, in some cases, leads to the espousal of a separate form of Christianity for Muslim converts in which they might retain certain Islamic religious practices--are laid out here in a very readable fashion.
Throughout decades, the pan-Arab, leftist and then Islamic policies have forged a general feeling of intimidation in what regards Western support and its espousal of hostile intentions toward the interests of the populations in the Arab region.
The Ministry not only heralded Brazil's espousal of modernism: this realisation of Le Corbusier's sketch design brought together an extraordinarily talented team that included Niemeyer, Lucio Costa (subsequently planner for Brasilia), modernist pioneer Affonso Reidy, painter Candido Portinari (responsible for the blue azulejo walls), sculptor Jacques Lipchitz, and a young Burle Marx.