espionage agent

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someone employed to spy on another country or business competitor

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What highly trained espionage agent would burst into tears and threaten suicide upon learning that she had to spend a few more days in prison?
From 1984 to 1986, Zelnick was posted to Israel, covering the Israeli withdrawal from most of Lebanon and the buildup of tensions in the pre-Intifada I period and breaking significant stories about the affair involving convicted espionage agent Jonathan Pollard.
The winner and a guest will spend three days and two nights learning all the skills needed to be a successful espionage agent -- evasive driving, combat training, self-defense and counter-surveillance techniques.
Cleveland allegedly learned of Leung's duplicity in 1991, when he overheard Leung's voice while listening to an intercepted phone call to a Chinese espionage agent -- Leung's MSS handler, known only as "Mao.
The story of Mata Hari - the beautiful, exotic dancer turned espionage agent only to be executed by the French - captured the imagination of a war weary public on both sides of the conflict.
Adams has been with the Sunday Times since 1981 and has penned eight non-fiction and two fiction books dealing with the international espionage agent and covert operations.
According to a report in The Philadelphia Inquirer, a temporary-hire firm alleged a competitor sent one of its vice presidents as an espionage agent to pose as an applicant for an executive position in the target firm.
This non-destructive test provides executives with the information a hacker, competitor, industrial espionage agent, information broker, or other computer criminal would see during the first two phases of a network attack, namely Network Reconnaissance and Target Host Identification.
The main attendees at the soiree were Norman Thomas, who would become the patriarch of the Socialist Party; Elizabeth Gurley Flynn, who would become the Communist Party's national chairman; and Agnes Smedley, who would become a Soviet espionage agent in China.
Shayler's revelations are not in the same league as those of former counter espionage agent Peter Wright in 1987.
He had recently returned from his latest clandestine visit to Washington, where he teamed up with US espionage agents and shared intelligence in operations to fend off hostile hacking infiltrations by Russia and China.
Speaking to reporters after a cabinet meeting here in Tehran on Sunday, Moslehi stated that the espionage agents were planning to disrupt the elections, using guidelines communicated to them from outside.
The report lists 28 important 'FICN network operator gangs' from Bangkok, Bangladesh, Nepal and Pakistan, which are established in such a proficient manner that they could also be used for arranging hide-outs, for easy and secure communication channels to subversives and safe launch-pads for espionage agents.
Gordin seems to believe that an early sharing of information on how to produce nuclear weapons, as had been advocated by Manhattan Project physicist Niels Bohr, would have reassured and relaxed the Soviets, but (seemingly countering this) he presents fascinating accounts of the suspicions with which Stalin and Lavrenty Beria, director of secret police, distrusted even the data that their own espionage agents inside the Manhattan Project were conveying, fearing that it was disinformation.
The statement continued to indicate that OGERO greatly values and respects the role of the security apparatuses in unveiling all espionage agents operating undercover in the country.