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the systematic use of spies to get military or political secrets

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The system of espionage here," he remarked, "is painfully primitive.
His was not the ideal position for espionage, for he was too far off to hear what they said, and the light was too dim to enable him to see what it was that Bill was holding.
The indictment prepared regarding Gergerlioy-lu and the other suspects states they engaged in acts of espionage for MyT.
The reports additionally revealed Berlin was aware of the espionage and kept quiet since 2008.
He adds that the museum doesn't pass ethical judgement on the phenomenon of espionage.
Castro on behalf of a majority of the Commission stated, "While combating spying and economic espionage are vital to national security, American citizens are entitled to due process and should not be targeted based on racial stereotypes.
TEHRAN, Nov 22 (KUNA) -- An Iranian court has sentenced Jason Rezaeian, a US journalist of Iranian origin, to prison on espionage charges on Sunday.
CAIRO: Egypt's ousted President Muhammad Mursi faces a new espionage trial on Feb.
So many words for fatherland treason, for espionage in the interest of the world agents in Macedonia haven't been heard since the taking over power in Czechoslovakia in 1948.
BEIRUT: Hezbollah's deputy chief implied Sunday that news of the arrest of a senior party official over espionage for Israel was true.
Cairo: Egypt's ousted president Mohamed Morsi faces a new espionage trial on February 15 for allegedly leaking "classified documents" to Qatar and Al Jazeera television, a judicial source said on Monday.
Espionage' by Chinese in Kenya POLICE in Kenya are consulting technical experts over whether 77 Chinese nationals arrested with advanced communications equipment were committing espionage, an official said.
Freedom House issued a statement in response to the detention of Tajikistani researcher Alexander Sodikov by the State Committee for National Security on charges of espionage.
In a conventional history with the title "The Rise and Fall of the KGB in America" a historian would have most probably concentrated on the organization of the Soviet espionage structure in the United States and on the actions of the members of that structure in developing and managing networks of spies.