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Synonyms for espial

the act of noting, observing, or taking into account

Synonyms for espial

the act of detecting something

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Working with Espial, Hitachi is said to be the first manufacturer to ship connected-TV units in Japan.
Espial and Conax plan to offer multiple hybrid-IP set-top boxes and residential gateway units to Pay-TV operators.
Espial provides scalable and open digital and IP TV software to service providers in the cable, telecommunications and hospitality industries.
In addition the Espial Espresso graphical user interface component tool kit was used to develop the software for the product.
Espial provides Java development tools and enabling technology for embedded Java-based information appliances.
Therefore midsize Vendors like Amino, Entone, Espial, Minerva and others have higher rankings for their broad customer bases among smaller Operators, while larger Vendors like Microsoft and Motorola have shown growing success in penetrating Tiers 2-5.
Ted currently sits on the boards of Espial, a Canadian IPTV company, and Stelera Wireless, a wireless broadband operator in the United States.
Recently, Bob held CFO positions with Klocwork and Espial where he led a successful IPO on the TSX.
Prior to joining Movero, Hammock was the vice president of sales for Espial Group Inc.
Through the partnership, Espial and Avail Media bring to market an integrated, turnkey IPTV solution.
The operator, which wishes to keep its IPTV plans confidential until service launch for competitive reasons, executed the contract with Espial after six months of testing, verification, and planning, and after evaluating many other major IPTV middleware platforms.
Also at IBC this week, Espial will be launching a new HD user interface and demonstrating new services including Evo(R) Timeshift TV and mobile convergence capabilities.
CONTACT: Espial Media Contact: Meredith Dundas, (613) 230-4770, x1142, mdundas@espial.
Espial experienced strong growth in 2006 and has now shipped over one million Evo(R) IPTV middleware subscriber licenses to service providers and partners.
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