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Synonyms for espial

the act of noting, observing, or taking into account

Synonyms for espial

the act of detecting something

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Espial is transforming viewing experiences worldwide by enabling video services at web speed and web scale.
We are excited that Espial has integrated Alexa into the Elevate video platform," said Amazon VP Daniel Rausch.
After a rigorous selection process, we chose Espial who has been an exceptional integration partner and technology partner.
To assist with its goal of being one of the premium TV suppliers to the Japanese market, Hitachi has incorporated the Espial TV Browser, which is included in a number of connected-TV models shipped to only the Japanese market.
The solution features Espial IPTV Middleware,Espial Video On-Demand and Espial Content Workflow Management products working with Conax Content Security technology.
Their evaluation process was based on stringent requirements from lessons they've learned from years of delivering IPTV services" stated Jaison Dolvane, CEO of Espial.
Canadian-based software developer Espial has launched DeviceTop v.
Companies involved in the development of the wireless profile include: America Online, DDI, Ericsson, Espial Group, Inc.
It's all about connectivity through the Internet," says Africa's leading specialist and proponent on the New Economy, Rudi Kruger, chairman of Espial Consulting in Johannesburg.
The pen interface device is also supplied with the Java DeviceTop email and personal information manager (PIM) packages of Espial Group.
52) In The Mysteries of Verbena House (1881), which also includes French and German governesses, the narrator claims that few "flogging schoolmistresses" exist except women set up by "wealthy flagellants" for "performances being witnessed by the amateurs through crevices or peepholes in doors, or from behind curtains, or from some other secure point of espial.
Television does not afford true espial because television is performance, spectacle, which by definition requires watchers.
Espial has announced that Eastlink, a provider of high-speed Internet, digital TV and telephone services in NS, NB, PEI, Nfld, ON, AB, and BC, has signed an agreement with Espial to power Eastlink's video services with the Elevate SaaS cloud platform, the company said.
Espial announced today that Eastlink, a leading provider of high-speed internet, digital TV and telephone services in NS, NB, PEI, Nfld, ON, AB, and BC, has signed an agreement with Espial to power Eastlinks video services with the Elevate SaaS cloud platform.
The company in northeast Ohio formerly known as Massillon Cable TV has launched a next-gen IPTV service using thesoftware-as-a-service (SaaS) platform developed by Espial.