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a trellis on which ornamental shrub or fruit tree is trained to grow flat

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In spring, the pyracantha espaliered against Eric Holdeman's front wall in Puyallup, Washington, erupts with tiny white flowers that shimmer in sunlight.
My espaliered orchard had two early varieties, two mid-season varieties, two late-season varieties, four storage apples, and two more just for fun; all taking up only 25 feet of space.
The Campbells' compact orchard consists of a dozen dwarf and espaliered fruit trees, including several varieties of apple, apricot, Asian pear, Italian plum, nectarine, peach, and 'Rainier' sweet cherry.
Designed to hide an unattractive block wall, this espaliered bougainvillea climbs along a wood trellis in Van Wright's Costa Mesa garden.
To add greenery without taking up driveway space, Derringer designed an orderly grid of espaliered needlepoint ivy.
Train it as a tree (pictured below left), espaliered on a warm wall, or pruned hard for a bonsai.
Do it from scratch, or pay extra for a started plant Many nurseries sell quinces and camellias already espaliered against small trellises.
Two espaliered dwarf pears catch the sun against one wall of the house; along another wall is an 8-foot border with cutting flowers.
Espaliered fruit trees begin fruiting at an early age, and pruning, pest control, and harvest are all within easy reach.
Here's how three gardeners show off their espaliered pyracanthas.
Viewed from the patio deck, the espaliered plant makes a dense, dark green backdrop for a raised garden bed that borders the house.
If you have a shadier spot against a wall that needs some livening up, consider growing an espaliered star jasmine (Trachelospermum jasminoides), English holly (Ilex aquifolium) or Japanese maple.
In the Upper Garden, espaliered dwarf variety apple, apricot, cherry and peach trees grow against the walls of the greenhouse and the brick wall at the garden's border, their branches trained to look like fans.
QCAN I grow an espaliered apple on a north-facing fence?