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a trellis on which ornamental shrub or fruit tree is trained to grow flat

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Espalier is much more common in Europe than in the United States, but as American yards shrink, I'm betting it will become commonplace in this country, too.
In this book, Karl Pieber and Peter Modl instruct ambitious gardeners on how to encourage tress to grow in a variety of different shapes, known as espalier, for aesthetic reasons, practical reasons--such as shade and protection from the weather, as well as for the ability to increase the harvest and make harvesting easier.
The event features classes and demonstrations on Espalier, the ancient horticultural technique of training fruit trees and grapes to grow flattened in two dimensions.
There, through faded tomb paintings of fig trees planted and flattened against sun-drenched stone walls, evidence suggests that espalier (ess-PAL'-yay) had a place in the garden.
Since then, three generations of Leuthardts have practiced espalier, an art whose medium is neither paint nor plaster, but living things.
If you have a small courtyard or enclosed patio with a narrow planting bed inside along the edges, but still want to grow fruit trees, consider the possibility of espalier.
Austen introduces the apple almost incidentally as an espalier tree form providing an ornamental landscape feature at the entrance to Abbey-Mill Farm (186).
Keeping it small, espalier is a pruning technique that allows you to prune and train dwarf apple trees to grow in attractive patterns flat up against a wall or a fence.
More than merely a decorative technique used on posh country estates, espalier orchards are actually preferred by many commercial orchardists in Europe.
define vines, espalier pruning, topiary pruning, and bonsai.
Earlier this year, X-Hive Corporation signed partnership agreements with Fivesight Technologies (USA), Comelio (Germany), Wireless in Motion (Ireland), Salience (Netherlands), Daidalos (Netherlands), Electric Dream Factory (Netherlands), Espalier Technologies (Switzerland), Index IT (Finland) and Raqoon (Iceland).
Tenders are invited for Construction Of Y Shape Trellis, Espalier Training System In Peach By Icar Research Complex For N.
ESPALIER or cordon-trained apple and pear trees make great peep-through screens for dividing the garden into "rooms", offering you more privacy.
Beautifully illustrated with glossy colour photographs, this indispensable home companion advises readers on subjects such as ethical shopping, stock rearing, cleaning without chemicals, natural fibres, baby-care, pure bath products, drying herbs, training espalier fruit trees, recycling, sustainable building, solar heating, saving energy, preserving fruit and vegetables, natural remedies, churning butter and 'green' campaigning.
This shrub produces numerous suckers that need to be pruned back if it is to reach its 8-foot height in rapid fashion; alternatively, you can let suckers assist you in training the spice bush onto an espalier.