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a trellis on which ornamental shrub or fruit tree is trained to grow flat

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To many, the terms espalier and IRS audit have similarly chilling effects.
But you can grow these in surprisingly small areas by employing various methods including training them into espaliers - sets of horizontal arms - or fans with branches in a fan shape.
An espalier trained along a wire frame can be used as a screen, a hedge inside the garden or a living wall between one part of the garden and another.
Reaches 2 1/2 to 5 feet tall; good as espalier or vine.
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Six branches of each tree have been trained out horizontally on wire supports to create an espalier effect.
However, if you are opting for a fan or espalier, partially trained three-year-old trees are more suitable.
Summer pruning espalier and cordon-grown trees allows more light and air to reach the tree and improves fruit quality.
CUT out dead wood on wall-trained espalier plums (right) and cherries and tie in replacement shoots.
In cooler areas they can be trained as a fan or espalier against a wall.
These fruits don't have such a permanent framework of branches as the espalier and cordon apple trees do, and by growing them in a fan shape they can easily have some shoots pruned back really hard and new shoots tied in to replace them.
It's probably best to grow them as a cordon or espalier, which will give you bigger berries and can save your hands from their lethal thorns when harvesting.
ENCOURAGE cordon, espalier apples (right) and pears to crop well by shortening new shoots to three leaves above the basal cluster of leaves.
If you have a bare south or west-facing wall, buy a tree in the shape of a fan or espalier (with tiered branches).
Try it as a horizontal espalier over rocks> it molds to the shape it covers.