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Synonyms for esotropia

strabismus in which one or both eyes turn inward toward the nose

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4%, nystagmus in 19%, and congenital esotropia in 10.
All the cases were either diagnosed as esotropia without optical correction or diagnosed as esotropia, esophoria, microtropia, or eccentric fixation; they all received proper optical corrections.
Keywords: Amblyopia, Refractive accommodative esotropia, Stereopsis.
If there is NO movement of the uncovered eye when you remove the cover and the uncovered eye remains fixated then an alternating exotropia or esotropia is present (the child is able to fixate with both eyes).
Neonatal ocular misalignments reflect vergence development but rarely become esotropia.
Se detectaron otras patologias como: blefaritis (1,01 %), esotropia (0,67%), pingueculitis (0,50), ptosis congenita (0,16%) y leucoma con 0,08%.
Esotropia, exotropia, and hypertropia (2) are described by an inward, outward, or vertical (upward) ocular manifest deviation, respectively.
9%); and retinopathy of prematurity, cone dystrophy, optic atrophy, esotropia, and retinal detachment (3.
Hyperphagia * Short stature for muscle biopsy, * Hypogonadism manifest the family by age 15 EMG, NCV) as genital years hypoplasia; small * Hypopigmentation labia minora and * Hands and feet small clitoris in for height age females; hypoplastic * Narrow hands with scrotum and straight ulnar cryptorchidism border in males; incomplete * Esotropia, myopia and delayed puberty; * Thick, viscous infertility saliva * Neonatal and * Speech articulation infantile central defects hypotonia with * Skin picking poor suck, improving with age * Feeding problems and/or failure to thrive in infancy * Onset of rapid weight gain between ages 12 months and 6 years, causing central obesity Note: Adapted from Cassidy & Driscoll, 2008; Gunay-Aygun et al.
One of the distinguishing signs in the patient with bilateral frontoparietal polymicrogyria is a dysconjugate gaze such as esotropia.
La desviacion mas frecuente es la esotropia, es decir, la desviacion hacia adentro, la cual se presenta hasta en 50% de los casos[ 2, 3].
Pivnick's 5-year-old daughter Lilla required eye surgery to correct her esotropia 12 years ago, there was no doubt in her mind that she wanted her close friend and colleague Dr.
An inward deviation of the eyeball caused by an unequal pulling of the muscles that move the eyes is called esotropia.
Carson has a small head, absent frenulum (a fold of mucous membrane under the tongue, which limits the movement of the tongue, aiding speech and eating), esotropia of the eyes (cross-eye; internal or convergent strabismus), and has worn glasses since he was 6- months old.