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an optical instrument for examining the inside of the esophagus

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The other modalities of treatment involve removal with a laryngoscope in case of foreign bodies impacted in the pharynx, hypopharyngoscope for hypopharyngeal foreign bodies, and less easily foreign bodies are removed using a flexible esophagoscope.
13, 14) While removal under direct vision is the method of choice, conventional pediatric esophagoscopes of small size are difficult to work with, because of limited "straw" vision.
The guidewire is then removed, a knot is tied in the catheter to prevent reflux of gastric contents, and the catheter is sutured to the cervical skin with 0 nylon ligature The entire procedure is performed under guidance of the esophagoscope.
Another method involves the use of a transnasal esophagoscope with a 1.
To examine the distal trachea or lower airway, it is necessary to use a longer flexible endoscope, such as a bronchoscope or a transnasal esophagoscope.
A less expensive alternative is to use a fiberoptic transnasal esophagoscope attached to a standard endoscopic camera.
Following administration of topical anesthesia, a transnasal esophagoscope (TNE) was used to perform tracheobronchoscopy.
The foreign body was removed with a snare placed through the utility port of a flexible esophagoscope.
The transnasal flexible esophagoscope can be used as a panendoscope.
On TNE, the LES was found to be incompetent, as it allowed for unimpeded passage of the esophagoscope through the gastroesophageal junction as well as obvious reflux of gastric contents into the esophagus (figure 1, A).
In-office, unsedated transnasal esophagoscopy(TNE) is now performed easily with the Pentax EE-1 540 Video Esophagoscope.
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39) The development of ultrathin flexible esophagoscopes has made transnasal esophagoscopy possible, which allows for office-based evaluation and treatment of esophageal pathology.