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(geology) a long winding ridge of post glacial gravel and other sediment

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The Pandivere Upland has the greatest concentration of eskers in Estonia.
A considerably long (about 80 km) complex of eskers and associated formations including kames, hummocky moraine, and small deltas extends in the N-S direction from Saku to Eidapere (Fig.
The morphology and structure of the eskers in Estonia was investigated in more detail by Endel Rahni, Anto Raukas, and Avo Miidel in the 1960s in the frame of the study of North Estonian glacial marginal formations (Raukas et al.
The relative height of North Estonian radial eskers reaches 40 m (usually 10-15 m).
The kettle holes of glaciokarst origin--esker depressions--are typical North Estonian eskers.
Typical radial eskers of northern Estonia consist of coarse, unevenly sorted, and stratified predominantly carbonaceous (80% and more) glaciofluvial deposits (Photo 2).
Quite frequently springs open on the slope or foot line of eskers and karst landforms are common close to eskers.
Eskers are classified as positive landforms or systems of positive landforms, complicated by kettles and often accompanied with kames, terraces or valleys (Rahni 1984).
Already Flint (1928) pointed out the necessity to distinguish real eskers from other ridge-like formations.
But the eskers got their final shape only after the melting of stagnant ice and buried ice blocks.
Usually 6-8 rhythms of the alternation of coarse and finer glaciofluvial material can be observed in the North Estonian eskers.