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Synonyms for escutcheon

a flat protective covering (on a door or wall etc) to prevent soiling by dirty fingers

(nautical) a plate on a ship's stern on which the name is inscribed

a shield


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At his death the wife went back across the loch to her own people, and the blot on the escutcheon of Island McGill was erased.
and who beareth quarterly, first, argent, a wolf ravisant carrying a lamb gules; second, purpure, three mascles argent, two and one; third, paly of twelve, gules and argent; fourth, or, on a pale endorsed, three batons fleurdelises gules; supported by four griffon's-claws jessant from the sides of the escutcheon, with the motto "En Lupus in Historia," was able to surmount these rather satirical arms with a count's coronet.
They were surmounted with old faded painted escutcheons, and here and there, in the spaces between them, brown pictures, which I perceived to be bad, in battered frames, were suspended.
Their escutcheons have long mouldered from the walls of their castles.
I confess I looked with some interest myself towards the old family pew, appertaining to Wildfell Hall, where the faded crimson cushions and lining had been unpressed and unrenewed so many years, and the grim escutcheons, with their lugubrious borders of rusty black cloth, frowned so sternly from the wall above.
There shall it flame for ages, making a noonday of midnight, glittering on the suits of armor, the banners, and escutcheons, that hang around the wall, and keeping bright the memory of heroes.
Then the way went by long lines of dark windows diversified by turreted towers and porches of eccentric shapes, where old stone lions and grotesque monsters bristled outside dens of shadow and snarled at the evening gloom over the escutcheons they held in their grip.
On the obverse of the mint from the Middle Ages, there is a four-part escutcheon in a circle of beads, the Hungarian stripes, the Czech lion, the Austrian fess and the Moravian eagle inside refer to Alberts regal titles.
There is no escaping the fact that Karachi has resisted every attempt to clean it up in the last five years, and as the federal government enters its waning days it is a blot on the escutcheon at both the federal and provincial levels.
An old brass escutcheon on the wall of the terrace is a reminder that these two properties were once in the hands of one owner.
com)-- EMKA's novel 1190 lifthandle series offers a particularly narrow handle escutcheon and rod lock mechanism which enables mounting outside the door sealing area with an especially narrow margin.
It is like an escutcheon plate - or decorative handle from an old-style chest of drawers.
Do not over tighten the screw as you can easily break the old hard rubber panels or pull the right side panel escutcheon through the walnut grip if not careful.
Iglesia said she reassured the staff member that the woman in the portrait did indeed have a normal female Tanner stage IV or V escutcheon.
The escutcheon on the bottom recapitulates with pride Mesa's social position and his financial contribution to the festivities: "Don Bartolome de Mesa, Teniente de Milicias, Comerciante Almazenero , y Comisario de las funciones de la Nacion Indica.