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But for Tarzan's nimbleness, and the zealous watchfulness of savage Kala's mother love, Tublat would long since have rid himself of this stain upon his family escutcheon.
I consider that that sort of thing would stain the spotless escutcheon of the Boyds.
Their escutcheons have long mouldered from the walls of their castles.
There shall it flame for ages, making a noonday of midnight, glittering on the suits of armor, the banners, and escutcheons, that hang around the wall, and keeping bright the memory of heroes.
They were surmounted with old faded painted escutcheons, and here and there, in the spaces between them, brown pictures, which I perceived to be bad, in battered frames, were suspended.
Then the way went by long lines of dark windows diversified by turreted towers and porches of eccentric shapes, where old stone lions and grotesque monsters bristled outside dens of shadow and snarled at the evening gloom over the escutcheons they held in their grip.
For having set in the Hôtel des Tournelles six panes of white glass in the place where the iron cage is, thirteen sols; for having made and delivered by command of the king, on the day of the musters, four shields with the escutcheons of the said seigneur, encircled with garlands of roses all about, six livres; for two new sleeves to the king's old doublet, twenty sols; for a box of grease to grease the boots of the king, fifteen deniers; a stable newly made to lodge the king's black pigs, thirty livres parisis; many partitions, planks, and trap-doors, for the safekeeping of the lions at Saint-Paul, twenty-two livres.
I confess I looked with some interest myself towards the old family pew, appertaining to Wildfell Hall, where the faded crimson cushions and lining had been unpressed and unrenewed so many years, and the grim escutcheons, with their lugubrious borders of rusty black cloth, frowned so sternly from the wall above.
She had walked in half-aware of what was happening elsewhere; now she had a fervent new cause that was to be her escutcheon for decades to come, for the rest of her days.
Shell with strongly sloping dorsoposterior margin meeting short posterior margin with an obtuse angle; anterior margin convex; ventral margin flatly convex; valves angulated from umbonal area to ventroposterior margin; area dorsal to angulation concave; beaks tightly incurved near anterior margin, prosogyrate; lunule and escutcheon not deeply impressed; comarginal ridges become coarser during growth with equal-sized interspaces, eight in 2 mm near ventral margin; internal features not observed.
Available with magnetic-stripe or proximity card reader technology, the lock integrates the reader technology into the lockset escutcheon.
Also like Cosimo, Palla Strozzi did not stint on building projects which would add luster to the family escutcheon and at the same time would promise rewards in the hereafter.
Evidence for the place of manufacture of the bowls is scarce; the most quoted being the valve of an escutcheon mould from Craig Phadraig (Inverness), suggesting that at least some vessels with openwork escutcheons were made in Pictland.
Matching mortice and cabinet knobs are available, as well as an escutcheon - the bit that covers a keyhole.
A newly designed scorecard no longer carries the image of a feather-topped Indian above the maroon-colored escutcheon of the club.