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formerly the basic monetary unit of Portugal

the basic unit of money on Cape Verde

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My research suggests that 200 escudos equals one euro, which would mean you would only get around 17 euros (about pounds 10).
But he tosses away anything worth less than 20 escudos.
So dig out those schillings, punts, guilders, escudos and pesetas and take them to the gala day.
I CAN'T say I have a lot of sympathy for Denis O'Brien, with his millions of pounds, share options and Portuguese Escudos, enjoying life on his tax exile Iberian estate.
One day you are sipping orange juice in Portugal, eating croissants, and the next day you are standing at Luton train station with a pocketful of Escudos and no valid ticket.
He said more than "6 tons" of coins and "hundreds of kilograms" of bills, all denominated in Portuguese escudos, have been brought into the territory with permission from the United Nations, which is administering the territory until it becomes independent in two to three years.
Escudos sold in Japan are compact models with engines of up to 2 liters.
November through March, rates range from about $90 for a single to about $135 for a suite for two, with tax and continental breakfast, based on 177 escudos to $1.
In December last year the company issued 319,146 new shares, representing 6% of the company which is capitalized at 266bn Portuguese escudos ($1.
City day travel card, including airport shuttle bus, 430 escudos (about pounds 1.
BPA"), which recorded the provisions for unrealized losses on real estate assets and provisions for restructuring costs in the amounts of Escudos 19,951,170,000 and Escudos 29,074,667,000, respectively, directly as a charge against reserves.
The State guarantee is for securing repayment of a loan of 350 million escudos (US$3.
And the more or less abundance of these copper coins depends on the scarcity or demand of the escudos, as well as on other circumstances.