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a desk used for writing

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He took a bunch of keys from his pocket, singled out by the candle- light the key he wanted, and then, with a candle in his hand, went to a bureau or escritoire, unlocked it, touched the spring of a little secret drawer, and took from it an ordinary ring-case made for a single ring.
He closed the empty little drawer with a sigh, and shut and locked the escritoire, and came back to the solitary fireside.
51) Theodore Hoppen observes: "The characteristic mid-Victorian liking for clutter required increasing expenditure on tables, chairs, sideboards, chiffoniers, escritoires, pianos, dumb waiters, (all covered with tasseled velvet cloths and runners), upon Staffordshire figurines, Doulton china, brass candlesticks, coal-scuttles, papier-mache models, vases, stuffed birds, wax fruit, and framed photographs.
In this case the escritoire's displacements underscore its status as a portable object; Furetiere notes that "[i]l y a de grandes escritoires de cabinet, de petites escritoires pour la poche.
26] In order to effect wri ting's consequent usurpation of the written text's prerogative, the tools of writing -- particularly those contained in the portable escritoire of the seventeenth century -- and their delimitation of public and private spaces assume a primary role.
He seizes the escritoire [65] near the entrance to the Temple, and aided by its writing tools and surface, cleverly substitutes key words in the document so that the discourse of inconstancy replaces the time-honored precepts regulating the practice of constant love by the courtly parfait amant.
Put some shelves above and he notes 'they are called Bureau Bookcase' and the name has settled since then, as before this period the bureau as we know it today could be named a scrutoire, escritoire, scriptor or secretary, according to the wishes of its owner.