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a desk used for writing

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This escritoire was, however, one of those rare finds that really captures buyers' attention.
Just five months after Beuys's press conference, the signing of the new student party's charter was documented in another photograph (both were taken by Ute Klophaus, legendary visual chronicler of Fluxus and Happenings): Beuys, Johannes Stuttgen (one of Beuys's students at the time and a close ally), Fluxus composer Henning Christiansen, and the poet-critic-educator Bazon Brock are standing behind an improvised escritoire in Beuys's classroom.
Thus a library table would conceal a step ladder for reaching the top shelves, a dressing table would be also a washstand and an escritoire, looking glasses would enclose dressing cases, writing tables or work tables.
THE local elections' tiniest party pamphlet has wafted onto Mr Brocklebank's escritoire, inscribed "Vote Green - Honest in Politics".
A late 20th century Hermes black, lizard effect Kelly bag recently fetched pounds 6,000 at auction and a rare Gucci brown combined handbag and escritoire from the same period went for pounds 1,800.
My china table and escritoire cost seventy dollars.
He chisels at the oaken escritoire his paperwork--his toy, his dream, his art-- and hums as if to all America a dope impromptu on the sound of schwa.
As the renegade philosopher Stanley Cavell has shrewdly noted, the disappearing table of scepticism is always just a table, never a Louis xv gilt escritoire.
26] In order to effect wri ting's consequent usurpation of the written text's prerogative, the tools of writing -- particularly those contained in the portable escritoire of the seventeenth century -- and their delimitation of public and private spaces assume a primary role.
Milner Fothergill warned that the servant girl "gives way to her curiosity, gets fiddling with the keys if she can, opens the escritoire, and becomes familiar with other people's letters, and often learns other people's secrets, which she probably finds it very hard to keep" (708).
The next king is waging a veritable civil war from his escritoire while his mother's struggling First Minister sucks up to Simon Cowell's teenage wannabe rock stars.
A GENEROUS gift from the Liverpool Culture Company wafts onto Mr Brocklebank's Sheraton escritoire.
Among the highlights will be several walnut pieces belonging to W R Harvey Antiques, the Witney dealers, including a superbly coloured George I period tallboy, a pretty William and Mary period feather-banded bureau bookcase and, for the man who wants the ultimate in fold-away desks, a Charles II period escritoire.
Put some shelves above and he notes 'they are called Bureau Bookcase' and the name has settled since then, as before this period the bureau as we know it today could be named a scrutoire, escritoire, scriptor or secretary, according to the wishes of its owner.