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(New Testament) day at the end of time following Armageddon when God will decree the fates of all individual humans according to the good and evil of their earthly lives

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To the modern mind Boyd's picture of the eschaton is a good deal more controversial than Sanders' or Moltmann's.
20:6 `the almost certain implication that [for 2 Baruch] the eschaton still has not arrived' (p.
The missio Spiritus thus generates ongoing surprises that involve the crossing of borders so that agents of mission continually find the lines between "insiders" and "outsiders" being blurred--at least on this side of the eschaton, a time during which we all see through a glass only dimly.
To an audience sympathetic to Enochic Judaism, Noah is a hero, a type of the one who will lead a righteous remnant at the eschaton.
51) Ultimately, for Pannenberg, in the eschaton, that is, in the future of God, God will declare final truth.
The doctrine of the eschaton is not usually included among the array of Christian and Catholic social principles.
Voegelin tended to focus on the changed relationship to the future in what he famously called the "immanentization of the eschaton.
In the writings of Cyril of Jerusalem, Jews represented a threatening menace to catechumens or those not fully immersed in the orthodox faith; however, the Jews and their influence would ultimately be defeated in the eschaton.
In the Orthodox perspective the eucharist is a missionary event; through it the eschaton becomes a reality and the church is transformed into an icon of the kingdom.
Instead, it confesses and experiences the Christ-event as a paradoxical unification of the eschaton .
Primacy is given to a unique, incarnate, and resurrected Christ attested to by history who brings universal hope now but also justice for all in the eschaton.
Seeking unity through difference allows the eschaton to emerge in the present.
Fourth is a belief that the eschaton is imminent (if not immanent).
Newbigin's argument from the eschaton moves the premise of his thesis from the example of some churches, to the terminus of all churches, as the bride of Christ made ready for the bridegroom.
So while Haught asserts God as the ultimate realization or fulfillment of this dynamical system that is the universe, it is not clear what can be known concerning this eschatological vision, nor is it entirely clear that this eschaton is consistent with the biblical narrative.