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the branch of theology that is concerned with such final things as death and Last Judgment

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He has been researching Christian eschatology and its consequences on western civilization for over twenty years.
Critique: Eschatology is a part of theology concerned with what are believed to be the final events of history, or the ultimate destiny of humanity.
41) Curiously missing from Ratzinger's assessment of the eschatology and ecclesiology of the early Fathers is the concept, overwhelmingly popular in the early Church, that the reign of God was an imminent reality, coming in the future, that would be established in visible form during an interregnum period, with Christ.
Second, all Social organization is subservient to human spontaneity and freedom; the latter point would be crucial to Peguy's later eschatology (Prose Completes 55-117).
God in the living voice of the gospel awakens us to the politics of eschatology, participating in God's protest against colonization of the life-world.
In Eschatology and Ecology, Paul Hang-Sik Cho of St.
Under the above titles, Peterson and Wright deal with the subject of eschatology in complementary ways.
These contain twenty-nine contributions looking at the nature of Christianity in different parts of the world, the confrontation between Christianity and Jews, Mohammedans and pagans, the troubles between Greek and Latin Churches, the churches' developing roles in society and the state, the role of religion in daily lives and the nature of worship, the development of theology and biblical scholarship, the role of saints and eschatology.
In a brief note to the Theo-Drama's volume The Last Act, Hans Urs von Balthasar intimates the controversy and emphasizes the limits of knowing in eschatology.
Moreover, Carter fails to engage in any meaningful way with the eschatology implied by his new typology.
This paper explores the apocalyptic dimension of eschatology within Judaism, Christianity, and Islam.
In retrospect, eschatology has been part of my theological agenda since I began to reflect on theology, some fifty years ago.
Co-edited by Bruce Barber and David Neville, Theodicy And Eschatology is the outstanding result of a conference that addressed two of Christianity's most important modern issues: "Theodicy" which is the belief in a just God in the face of evil and suffering and "God's Echatology" which is the the belief in fulfilment of Jesus' saving mission, experienced as God's healing of humanity afflicted by suffering and evil.
It's not hard to see how such eschatology can lead to a careless disregard for the natural world: Why try to save something that God is going to trash eventually anyway?
Fueled by Flavin's romantic titles, and by the complex eschatology that his drawings demand, "aura" seems to pulse directly from his fluorescent tubes.