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the branch of theology that is concerned with such final things as death and Last Judgment

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Understood this way, the theory of the "anonymous Christians" seems an extension and a pastoral-missionary implementation of Christology and pneumatology; it is, more precisely said, a Christo-pneumato-soteriological teaching; it is founded on God's universal will of salvation, God Who shared Himself (Selbstmitteilung) eschatologically in Christ, and on the "supernatural existential" as a working grace in every human being.
Having discussed what it means to think and live eschatologically, it is now time to examine the ethics of geoengineering.
2) We were all searching for a new paradigm, or theology, for understanding religious diversity--a paradigm according to which no religious community could, or would, proclaim itself superior, either actually or eschatologically, over all the others.
51) Winchester preached the good news of an eschatologically conscious, revivalistic universalism from the time he began openly promoting universal restoration in 1781 until his death in 1797.
The irresolution of Bombardini's eschatologically narcissistic fate should then strike one as significant (in the same way that the absence of the word "word" is significant).
2005) (providing an exegetical commentary on Revelation and other biblical texts from an ecological perspective); see also PAUL SANTMIRE, The TRAVAIL OF NATURE: THE Ambiguous Ecological Promise of Christian Theology 200 (1985) (discussing the New Testament as being shaped by ecological motif, albeit eschatologically construed).
Eschatologically oriented psychology: A new paradigm for the integration of psychology and Christianity.
Rossetti's apocalyptic poems "From House to Home" and "Who sits with the King in His Throne" in particular extend forgiveness eschatologically so that the destruction of the archetypal Whore is circumvented and the New Jerusalem encircles all, "double against each other," bringing the body of the fallen woman into the multitude of white-robed worshippers at the end of history.
They were fighting for an eschatologically redeemed world in which their stirred flame of faith fought for redemption at home and in their wounded hearts.
In much the same way that some monastic chroniclers thought they could discern the will of God in the extra-Scriptural period chronologically bounded between the end of the Acts of the Apostles and the coming of the Apocalypse, so many realized that there could be eschatologically significant places outside those denoted by Scripture.
On the one hand we read, for example, "the affective theology of the baroque missed the biblical center and proceeded mystically instead of eschatologically," (quoting the Pope) at the same time as Rowland provides here and there helpful, sometimes loaded, definitions of commonplace terms such as ultramontane: "unhealthily bloated accounts of the ambit of papal infallibility.
Eschatologically speaking, if we believe that Jesus Christ, Son of God, is our Saviour and beloved friend and brother, then we shall be resurrected as he promised and we shall be and live with God through eternity.
In the schema of American providential teleology and eschatology, the figure of the Guantanamo prisoner signifies a type of absolute sub-human detritus that cannot be teleologically dialecticised or eschatologically redeemed.
When Mailer is not read politically, he is considered eschatologically, but it is a false dualism to put Mailer's politics to one side and his religion to the other.