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the branch of theology that is concerned with such final things as death and Last Judgment

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Unlike his neo-Scholastic counterparts, Congar would often begin with the church's final cause, a tendency that aided him in generating ideas about the eschatological nature of the church and (what would come to be labeled) the universal call to holiness.
This covenant and its obligations are then, in a standard Reformed move, also identified as the covenant of works, which was meant to lead to the eschatological new creation had the first human pair obeyed.
In this essay, I will explicate Peguy's indictment against the doctrine of hell and damnation, illustrate his paradoxical strategy of using the warrior Jeanne d'Arc as an advocate in the struggle against the expectation of a wrathful divine judgment, and, with help from Roman Catholic theologian Hans Urs von Balthasar (1905-1988), offer a concluding commentary on how critics and theologians can appropriate Peguy's eschatological alternative in an age in which religious eschatologies have been linked to politically motivated violence and indifference to social injustice.
In this work, Delio combines insights from quantum physics with process theology to explore the meaning of a Triune God of love who is evolving with and in the universe in Christ toward our eschatological end of full union and communion with God and all of the cosmos.
Yong's pneumatological and eschatological proposal regarding divine action is certainly an important contribution to the divine action conversation; however, it may not fully account for all miracles.
When it comes to speaking specifically about the world's future, however, significant differences in their eschatological thinking clearly emerge.
The goal of this enterprise is to show how the Christian mosaic of beliefs offers a transcendent vision of the glorious eschatological community God wills for creation and how this vision provides a coherent foundation for life-in-relationship in this penultimate age as we anticipate the glorious fullness of the eschatological new creation.
We do not know enough about the groups that transmitted eschatological expectations in Judaism in the Persian period" (I, 134), so we cannot say very much about its origins or early development.
Fatah on March 22 accused Hamas of intending to establish an "Islamic emirate" in the Gaza Strip somewhat in line with the eschatological ideology of Iran's theocracy.
Some kind of eschatological vision was therefore a necessity for rabbinic thought, though almost any kind could satisfy this need.
Succeeding chapters deal with the assumptions about power shared by the different Muslim traditions, the central imperial theories, practices and ceremonial of power which took their classical form in Baghdad; the diffusion of these traditions to the provinces and successor states; the caliphate and its legal and ceremonial institutions, the relationship of the caliphate to the sultanate and, finally, the eschatological and utopian notions of power and the sacred found in philosophy, activist pantheistic mysticism and the two main branches of Shi'ism.
He is an eschatological prophet, that is, he is speaking of the end--not the end of the world but the end of Israel's history as it's been known up to that time.
In their final form, Isaiah's prophecies effectively became a sealed corpus of eschatological leaching, slated for archiving until that time when those blessed with apocalyptic insight might finally unravel the book's mysteries.
In its consideration of the intersection between religion and terrorism, the author finds that under certain conditions of stress eschatological hope frequently yields to apocalyptic fatalism.
How strange that a man who posited an end of history through the triumph of liberalism can be so blind to the barbarism of regimes, and to the eschatological motivations behind those killing in the name of God.