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edible terrestrial snail usually served in the shell with a sauce of melted butter and garlic

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CHIANG MAI, Thailand -- The last time I encountered escargots they were served up by a French waiter, sizzling in garlic and herb butter.
And while they may be known for their slow pace, the same can't be said for Eva's ambitious business - Gaelic Escargot - which is growing at a rapid rate.
By the way, escargot lovers: forget about eating Giant African Land Snails.
The salon's Celebrity Escargot Course will include five minutes of snail therapy, along with a massage and other types of facial treatment.
The simplest explanation, Davison and Grindon report June 19 in PLOS ONE, is that humans journeying to Ireland about 8,000 years ago brought along escargot as a food source.
Les chauffeurs de taxis en greve nationale ont provoque hier matin en France d'importantes perturbations lors d'operations escargot menees aux abords de plusieurs villes de province et dans la region parisienne.
He tries to persuade them to remove frog's legs and escargot from the menu.
However, the chip butty is one of the toughest things to order in the world, far more likely to end in embarrassment than watching your uncultured mate bumble his way through Sauvignon Blanc, foie gras, escargot and millefeuille in a posh French restaurant.
And one in 10 reckoned escargot was a country, rather than a Gallic gastropod delicacy.
Caf Rouge is looking to win over snail sceptics as Britain celebrates National Escargot Day on May 24, as Leamington restaurant manager Karthik Durairaj tells feature writer CATHERINEs VONLEDEBUR.
NEW YORK: For the French, it may always remind them of delicious escargot, but for most everyone else the @ symbol has come to embody the age of the Internet and its constantly evolving language.
Both of his parents enjoyed cooking the traditional warm, spicy, stew-based dishes of his country--many of which he is introducing to his patrons, like kedjeuou, a richly flavored tomato-based chicken dish: and escargot sauteed in African rum and spices.
Bydd yn sgwrsio a Nia Parry am ei bywyd yng ngwlad yr escargot, y croissant a'r gwin.
The signature restaurant, Wright's at the Biltmore, features the chef's American lodge cuisine with fresh ingredients from boutique farms, such as elk from Wyoming and escargot from Oregon.
From subsistence farmers eating rice in Ecuador to gourmets feasting on escargot in France, consumers worldwide face rising food prices in what analysts call a perfect storm of conditions.