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an entertainer who is expert in the art of escaping

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The show, which features six world-class magicians, illusionists and escapologists, had to be cancelled last night due to technical problems.
Harry Houdini failed in 1915 as did British escapologist Alan Alan in 1949.
With the passage of time and the trickery undoubtedly involved, it's hard to say whether the stunt was particularly tough or not for the most famous escapologist in the world.
Goodwin, born and raised in Pembrokeshire, South Wales, has risen up the ranks to claim the status of a bonafide escapologist and his BBC show is now been licensed to over 100 territories.
Houdini, which is scheduled to reach Broadway during the 2013-2014 season, has its first full act on the iconic escapologist ready.
The daredevil escapologist Jonathan Goodwin has performed his latest death defying stunt in central London.
TODAY INDEPENDENCE DAY IN BURKINA FASO 1926: Houdini, famous escapologist and magician, survived for one-and-a-half hours in a bronze coffin in a hotel swimming pool in Los Angeles.
Houdiniitells the life story of Ehrich Weiss who rose to fame from humble beginnings: he started out as a magician and gradually evolved into an escapologist adopting the title of 'self liberator'.
In this thriller Max Cassidy is an English 14-year-old escapologist or, as the press in the story likes to call him, 'a Half-Pint Houdini'.
They see their chance when, in 1926, escapologist Harry Houdini (Guy Pearce) arrives in Scotland, offering EUR10,000 to whoever can put him in touch with his dear departed mother and reveal her final words.
She stars as Edinburgh psychic Mary McGregor in Death Defying Acts, a biopic of escapologist Houdini.
He breaks a collarbone when Rossborough (Ray Peacock) falls in the novice chase and is replaced by David Cartwright on Escapologist (Ian Wardle), who wins the conditions hurdle.
FAMOUS escapologist Harry Houdini, above, knew just the thing to cheer up his struggling illusionist pal Sigmund Neuberger.
The West End magic show features illusionists from all over the world, including mindreading specialist Chris Cox, who audiences may recognise from BBC3's Killer Magic, and daredevil and escapologist Jonathan Goodwin, who appeared in Channel 4's Dirty Tricks.