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Synonyms for escapism

Synonyms for escapism

an inclination to retreat from unpleasant realities through diversion or fantasy


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What's most interesting to me now are those other "Pop" artists: Ray Johnson, Joe Brainard, and the German Wolf Vostell--category escapists, fame and fortune refuseniks, historical footnotes now kicking all the right canonical butts.
Enter and your winning mini movers and shakers will be tasked with working alongside our team of Escapists to educate Portico and other Kidvillers on what's hip with the kids traveling today.
Escapist and Win a Free Membership and $1,000 Travel Credit
You don't even have to arrange the details of your trip - our Escapist staff handles everything right down to the groceries in your fridge while Kidville plans the activities your children can enjoy throughout their stay.