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a person who escapes into a world of fantasy

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I am not saying it was escapist but it did humongous business.
In the wake of Donaldson's “365” success, she received the great news of acceptance into John Ross Palmer's prestigious Escapist Mentorship Program (EscapistProgram.
Lamia also demonstrated a demo level for The Escapist, which featured Dave Mason protecting the presidential convoy traveling through the streets of Los Angeles.
Hotel Vendome ticks all the right boxes for an escapist novel - handsome hero, beautiful daughter, glamorous settings, love and betrayal.
When the state of the economy is this relentlessly depressing and you know the next time you'll be able to afford to go to a decent restaurant is probably sometime in 2020, it's always nice to be able to lose yourself in some unashamedly escapist foodie TV - the more foreign the location, the better.
I like to watch MTV for escapist pleasure, but when I saw Snooki, I saw my twin," the New York Post quoted her as saying.
Part 3 investigates the historical and theological backdrop of dispensational premillennialism, critically probing the impact of its pessimistic and escapist eschatology upon ecological issues.
However, as Sophie so lovingly demonstrates in the penultimate programme of the series, calorific foods don't necessarily make the best mood-lifting meals, and there are several healthier options to consider if you want to cook a feast on an escapist weekend.
With the stock market in crisis, the globe heating up and the world on the brink of a different calamity every day, it could be just the escapist fix your funny bone needs.
FREEDOM is just a state of mind in The Escapist, a prison break thriller that attempts to breathe new life into the genre.
All the films showcased during the IIFA weekend tackle newer genres -- from action to sci-fi - but Bachchan believes the song and dance formula still has its place as pure escapist entertainment.
In introducing 15 studies of theme parks and other themed spaces, Lukas (anthropology and sociology, Lake Tahoe College, California) overviews the ways in which such diverse themed spaces as Dollywood, Las Vegas casinos, the Holy Land Experience (Orlando, Florida), Japanese love hotels, and video games meet needs beyond those of retailers and escapist fantasy.
Reacting to the woes of the Depression, and later of World War II, the studios mandated several strains of feel-good movies: The stylish Fred Astaire musicals, the escapist romance of the
But will the current youth market -- which views sadistic ``Saw'' films as escapist fun and understands creative struggle in terms of pop idol contests -- connect with the Dahlia's tragic pathos?