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the act or an instance of escaping, as from confinement or difficulty

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mechanical device that regulates movement

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Robust but inherently crude in their manufacture, the earliest examples had a balance wheel or sometimes verge escapement that needed winding a least every 12 hours and sometimes every eight.
The Gitksan-Wet'suwet'en Government has attempted since the 1980s to negotiate a plan with DFO to harvest and sell the surplus sockeye stocks which could not be taken at the mouth of the river for conservation reasons, but which are surplus to the escapements required for the spawning channels of Babine Lake at the top of the system.
John Linderman, Fish and Game's AYK region supervisor for the commercial fisheries division, said the season was difficult because escapement numbers didn't meet expectations or Yukon River Salmon Treaty obligations.
For the desiccant insertion into securitainers, a slide escapement was used.
with a review of the 2007 ocean salmon seasons, of spawning escapements and of the run size forecasts for 2008.
He thus became the first person in Le Locle to produce cylinder escapements, duplex escapements, perpetual calendar escapements and equation of time escapements.
Provides equipment to orient parts or containers on discharge and to transport them in the oriented position: Downstream equipment includes decorators, trimmers, assembly equipment, parts placers, and escapements, which interface with packaging equipment.
So the first thing that happened was that movements were changed to anchor escapements capable of running for 30 hours.
The new catalog contains the entire line of Robohand products, including a wide variety of grippers, slides, thrusters, actuators, feed escapements, tool changers, and mounting stanchions.
The estimate of [sigma] was influenced by the 1980 and 1991 escapements, but because critically dry years appear to reduce survival more than wet years increase it (as suggested by the lack of large positive deviations in Fig.
The Management system has a very high success rate in achieving target escapements, and conducting orderly harvests of surplus stocks;
Robohand Inc, whuch supplies sophisticated grippers, lifts, slides and thrusters, rotary actuators, feed escapements, robotic tool-changers, and end effectors.
Using high-speed robotics and vision guidance, the TrueFlex(TM) system allows parts to be fed into the assembly process without relying on dedicated bowl feeders and part-specific escapements.
The mighty Kenai River is suffering from excess salmon escapements in the late 1980s, and the next several years are expected to be among the worst ever.
The Robohand product line includes the world's most diverse and complete line of robotic grippers, slides, rotary actuators, mounting modules, feed escapements, end-effectors, and tooling solutions.