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the act or an instance of escaping, as from confinement or difficulty

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mechanical device that regulates movement

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The James Condliff skeleton clock, circa 1840 and aclose-up of the Condliff type lever escapement, surmounted by a steel five-spoke balance wheel and a helical hairspring that powers the clock's movement ALL PHOTOGRAPHS: Tennants Auctioneers
The capture outcome of each individual was recorded as "escaped" or "captured" and the method of escapement or capture was noted (i.
The pinnacle of mechanical and engineering skills in the art of astronomical timekeeping today combines over 500 components, from the patented constant-force tourbillon escapement to the wheel train, culminating in the display of solar and sidereal time, twilight, sunrise, and sunset, and the constantly changing view of the visible stars and constellations from the customer's own horizon.
He is most famous for creating the co-axial escapement (the device that drives a timekeeping mechanism) which has been described as the most important horological development for 250 years.
That high number of large bulls indicates high escapement during previous hunting seasons and "means that hunters that can find a bull have got a pretty good chance of getting a really nice one," Wolfer said.
In one there surface act between plant corrosive plant and natural enemy, the hunter can utilize from the sign of hunt or escapement substance of plant.
to escapement mechanisms to components such as the train and the
Wittmann also designed and built a bowl feeder and escapement system to feed and present the insert pins to the robot.
John Linderman, Fish and Game's AYK region supervisor for the commercial fisheries division, said the season was difficult because escapement numbers didn't meet expectations or Yukon River Salmon Treaty obligations.
For the desiccant insertion into securitainers, a slide escapement was used.
In 1791 he patented the rack lever escapement for watches, which was more accurate than the commonly used verge escapement.
Thanks to years of careful management by the Alaska Department of Fish and Game and the escapement programmes implemented during short harvest periods, wild salmon stocks in Alaska have been preserved.
In the 19th Century, Constant Girard-Perregaux devoted long years to studying and putting together various escapement systems, in particular the tourbillon escapement.
Early clocks had fusee movements with verge escapements, and this early form continued until the end of the Georgian period when it was entirely superseded by the technically superior anchor escapement.
Because the study followed only 200 saugeyes from a tailrace population estimated at around 17,000 fish over 10 inches, the authors were not able to rule out possible escapement into the Ohio River, although none was documented.