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Synonyms for escapee

Synonyms for escapee

one who flees, as from home, confinement, captivity, or justice

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someone who escapes

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When Matt failed to comply, the Border Patrol agents shot and killed him, even though the escapee fired no shots of his own, the superintendent said.
Photos and relevant information regarding the escapees were circulated among police patrols, at security points and at the border.
A Kirkuk police source said a monetary award has been allocated for anyone who assists in finding the escapees.
John Berthelsen, son of escapee Carl Berthelsen, said: "Discovering my father's boat after 70 years was one of the most moving moments in my life.
Several army and security field teams have been immediately set up to try to bring the escapees back to jail.
More and more escapees from North Korea are asserting that forced abortions and infanticide are the norm in prison camps there, the New York Times reported Sunday on its Web site.
At first turning in isolation, four dancers looked like escapees from an Edward Hopper painting when they paired up for some social dancing.
But 1,590 are still being hunted for more serious arrestable offences - 86 of them are escapees from prisons and young offenders centres.
ecurity source announced "capturing another two escapees from Tikrit prison.
FBI Special Agent Mahone gets a breakdown on all the escapees as they run for their lives.
This was Davis' parting gift, Los Angeles left with an image of the NFL as fans in black-and-silver face paint, dressed like escapees from a Hell's Angels or dominatrix convention.
The precision with which Hubble discerned the motion of the two dim, closely orbiting bodies that make up 1998 W-W31 enabled Veillet's team to estimate the binary system's total mass: It's about one-five-thousandth as heavy as Pluto and its moon Charon, which some astronomers believe are escapees from the Kuiper belt.
South Korean sources say not all escapees stay in China and some return to North Korea or repeat their border crossings, but note the situation will soon become a serious problem facing the two countries.