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a form of behavior that evades unpleasant realities

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Unfortunately, analyses of case studies of swindles reveal few danger signals and escape mechanisms.
These older Americans were asked by the PSAs to submit a short letter relating a personal story of a suspected confidence swindle directed at them that they managed to avoid; they were also asked to identify relevant danger signals and escape mechanisms.
Once the materials were received, they were content analyzed on a swindle-by-swindle basis to determine if the danger signals and escape mechanisms identified by the success story respondents in Phase One added anything new or different to the advice the agencies and organizations in Phase Two were offering to consumers in their nationally disseminated materials.
In relating how they succeeded in avoiding victimization, respondents identified 26 different danger signals they recognized and 20 different escape mechanisms they pursued.
In comparing what the respondents reported in Phase One with what was found in Phase Two in the nationally disseminated materials, it was determined that (a) many of the swindle varieties dealt with by the respondents were not pursued in the national materials and (b) in those instances in which the same varieties of swindles were dealt with by the respondents and the national materials, the specific danger signals and escape mechanisms identified by the respondents often were not mentioned in the national materials.
Similarly, the gaps revealed in the two distributions for escape mechanisms in Table 4 also point to important psychological differences between the organizations and respondents surveyed.
With regard to escape mechanisms, the largest discrepancy between the national materials and the respondents' accounts of their behavior concerns the conservative advice offered by the materials and the less conservative actions reported by the consumer-respondents.
The result is a whole consumer menu of danger signals to look for and escape mechanisms to pursue in order to avoid victimization.
Additionally, the anti-angiogenic activity of GEN-1 mediated through up regulation of the interferon gamma (IFN-g) pathway may help to explain the remarkable synergy between GEN-1 and Avastin and potentially addresses the VEGF escape mechanisms associated with resistance to Avastin therapy.
Novel combinatorial drugs targeting CSCs are required to address signalling redundancy and subvert resistance and escape mechanisms.
She has conducted clinical research in the treatment of small cell lung cancer and hematology tumors, and she led a research team exploring tumor biology and tumor escape mechanisms.
With the increasing number of individuals that are failing current therapies (HAART) and the lack of an HIV vaccine, there is a need for new therapeutic strategies that are not sensitive to the standard viral escape mechanisms employed by the HIV virus.
the Hayes/Rockwell agreement permits modem makers who purchase modem chip sets from Rockwell to implement the Hayes patented Escape Sequence With Guard Time and avoid concerns over installed-base incompatibilities and unsatisfactory performance results caused by alternative escape mechanisms.