escape mechanism

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a form of behavior that evades unpleasant realities

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Writing would become Edmund's ultimate escape mechanism, and the reader will discover intriguing details about his life, which are scattered throughout his novels.
From native predators, there has always been an escape mechanism - they can get into the water and swim or go into their holes but mink can follow them into the water and into the holes.
Although Jones's desire to "lose" himself with Ella Mae is ostensibly a desire to use sex as a temporary escape mechanism, his yearning to change places with the child reveals his need to be nurtured and protected by the black matriarch.
Ninety percent of major train stations in Japan have installed, or are in the process installing, escape mechanism to minimize fatal mishaps in rail pits, the government said Friday.
True, the pigeons do have an effective escape mechanism - they can simply fly to a high perch and look down on the frustrated doggies while cooing with derision and pooping into a baby's pram.
What's happening there is that life is so bad that it is another escape mechanism, the same as drinking alcohol.
Sailing is a great escape mechanism that melts away problems while you're on the water,'' he said.
As already indicated, the number of danger signals (26) was somewhat larger than the number of escape mechanisms (20), perhaps reflecting the fact that almost all respondents reported only one escape mechanism while many respondents reported multiple danger signals.
So, the lizards have evolved an extraordinary escape mechanism.
The system was supposed to have an escape mechanism which allowed some to be transferred from the technical schools, and the secondary moderns later, if they showed promise.
In vivo studies conducted by AVEO demonstrated that elevated ErbB3 levels can potently drive breast tumor growth and may provide an escape mechanism to Herceptin[R] treatment.