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We now have customers who have been in to escape from one room then rushing back to do the second, then emailing us afterwards asking us to open a third and fourth.
A MURDER suspect from the Black Country has admitted his role in plotting his own escape from a prison van.
The bill redefines certain chapters of the penal code to include clear provisions for convicts who escape from areas other than prison or holding cells.
Summary: JEDDAH: Expatriate workers in the Kingdom find it very easy to escape from their sponsors -- either a person or a company -- without losing money.
The person may be able to slip out of the garment and so escape from the captor.
Escape From East Berlin: An American Tale by Annemarie Struwe Cronin is the autobiographical story of the young woman's firsthand experience in the midst of World War II, and the years of struggle thereafter.
No one had ever made a successful escape from Stalag Luft 1, but the war was winding down, and security at the POW camp was getting lax.
Ellen Craft disguised herself as a white man to escape from slavery.
Neutrons with energies higher than the trap depth can escape from the trap.
These databases provide aggregate, jurisdiction-level counts of how many inmates escape from custody, but not specific information on individual escapes.
one employee talks with the subject while another ensures safety); and how employees can communicate any hazard they perceive to their coworkers so they can both react and escape from potentially hazardous situations.
This suspicion is strengthened by a remarkable account in the March 4th Christian Science Monitor, piecing together the story of bin Laden's apparent escape from Afghanistan.
The escape of the captives is treated as a demonstration of the power of the Christian God over the infidel Turks: for, at numerous occasions, escape from Alexandria had appeared to the captives as impossible as it had been for the Israelites to cross the "red sea," or for the "wals of Jericho [to] fall downe," or for the Book of Daniel's three men to come out of the fiery furnace.
SIR: I write in response to Mr Mercer who correctly identified the absence of details of means of escape from floor plans of Pawson House published in AR May.
In 1973--the same year we saw Steve McQueen escape from Devil's Island in Papillon--a report of the National Advisory Commission on Criminal Justice Standards and Goals noted that "the prison, the reformatory, and the jail have achieved only a shocking record of failure.