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Coping and immunosuppression: Inescapable but not escapable shock suppresses lymphocyte proliferation.
Chairman Labour MP Tony Wright said: "Some form of patronage is an escapable part of public life.
Without faith in the descent, Christians might live as if death were somehow escapable or as if death were indeed the price one pays for a life of sin, as if death were an existence apart from God's love and life.
Regurgitating and reacting to the material of his youth impels Paizs's work; his ambivalence comes with the predictable refusal to see this all-encompassing alien world as something escapable.
Once the definitions are founded on what is" 'natural to a thing,' "they are not alienable, transformable, or escapable.
Making full allowance for the fact that the images associated with the different sensations vary according to culture (Schulman 1979:40), it seems to me an escapable conclusion of my own material that underlying such variation the same mental or thought processes are at work; in a word, we are at play in the fields of the unconscious.
Many of the foods, drugs, or animals that cause allergies can be avoided to a great extent; even insects and household dust are escapable.
Fortunately, many of these mortality threats largely are escapable, but even when they aren't, fawns don't flee a closing danger.
If social construction is indeed fragile and contested and thus escapable, it can hardly be a stable determiner of identity.
There is no question about Rooney's exceptional talents, but one in escapable fact remains.
If it is an escapable fact that most of the West's oil supplies are contained within Islamic nations, then security of supply is dependent, not on force, but on maintaining good relations with the Islamic world, since poor relationships jeopardises supply.