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a clause in a contract that provides for an increase or a decrease in wages or prices or benefits etc


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Asphalt cost escalator clauses are a price adjustment provision that allow asphalt paving contractors to adjust their construction price based on a fluctuation in liquid asphalt cost.
25 percent and escalator clauses to cover inflation.
After the last set of fuel increases three years ago, some carriers built in escalator clauses into their contracts, but Switzer says, other reluctant operators do not always pass their costs on to the shippers and pursue the proper compensation because of the competitive nature of the industry.
One view attributes the elimination of COLAs, or escalator clauses, to declines in inflationary uncertainty; a second view emphasizes the erosion of union power; yet another view focuses on structural shifts in the U.
Michael Printz, the Rent Stabilization Association director of sales and marketing, advises obtaining escalator clauses to keep pace with inflation or cover the cost of business.
For CBB, the data center business has provided a growing source of revenue with relatively attractive returns; contracts are typically for 10 to 15 years and contain escalator clauses.
Asphalt cost escalator clauses are price adjustment provisions that allow asphalt paving contractors to raise their construction price based on a fluctuation in asphalt costs which, typically, are directly related to the price of oil.
2 percent, but contains escalator clauses that could boost salaries by 31 percent.
The call to cut fuel duty was echoed by Birmingham Chamber of Commerce, especially to help small companies who don't have fuel escalator clauses