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a clause in a contract that provides for an increase or a decrease in wages or prices or benefits etc

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a stairway whose steps move continuously on a circulating belt

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Further, the report states that the high initial investment is a deterrent to cost-driven residential and commercial users to install the equipment in buildings and hinders the growth of the elevator and escalator market in France.
Newcastle Central station may be a listed building but so is Edinburgh Waverley which got its escalators and there has been a multi-million pound rebuilding of London King's Cross Railway Station with escalators everywhere.
The footage shows that Xiang managed to push her son into the arms of shop attendants near the top of the escalator.
ALL 52 escalators at Birmingham's PS600 million New Street station are having to be repaired - five months before the showpiece development fully opens.
A witness told the Echo: "It was awful: there were all these people lying injured, and no staff around to turn off the escalator.
Van Deusen & Associates, a New York-based elevator and escalator consulting firm.
People are so lazy" for riding the world's shortest escalator, said christopherakeel95.
The woman tumbled several times as the escalator rose, before a fellow passenger ran to try and help her.
London, Dec 26 (ANI): For escalators, it's no longer just up and down.
Now they can ride an escalator which Medellin's mayor said was the first massive, outdoor public escalator for use by residents of a poor area.
The escalator was manufactured by Nippon Otis Elevator Co.
A "T" patterned aisle intersects around a rectangular well that features layette / infant wear, Juniors as well as accessories and shoes (Women's & Children's) on both sides of the escalator.
The system is literally falling apart: $383 million spent on new trains has produced cars that need repairs about as frequently as the old ones; escalators serviced for $93 million need fixing more often than the escalators that were left alone.
Hitachi's Elevators, Escalators and Building Systems in Mito will manufacture the elevators, while Guangzhou Hitachi Elevator will produce the escalator systems.
At Newark Airport, when an elevator and escalator were broken, an airline employee suggested that two men carry me down the broken escalator in my wheelchair to the floor below.