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a clause in a contract that provides for an increase or a decrease in wages or prices or benefits etc


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Straight-line recognition of lease payments under operating leases, excluding escalation clause adjustments
and in their contracts with oil companies the price escalation clauses are benchmarked to indexes that we [ucg] generate.
Economics supports escalation clauses in a large number of selling and purchasing contracts through the provision of data.
Yet, based on the wording of many escalation clauses, the owner could pass through both types of increases in operating expenses--increases related to higher building occupancy and increases related to inflation.
Moreover, 19 percent have instituted surcharges, and 14 percent have price escalation clauses covering cost increases.
The proposal may include escalation clauses for inflation tied to the Consumer Price Index (CPI).
Buyers are offering all-cash and no contingencies, one to three months of free lease-backs in case the homeowners want to stay in the home after closing, and even escalation clauses.
These issues can often be addressed with the use of escalation clauses and delay clauses in the contract.
Accessibility of parking and escalation clauses in the leases were classified as very important.
But, if Kremer's lease is any indication of a trend, escalation clauses have been kicked out of current tower leases.
If downtime or performance service levels are not met, negotiate penalties and escalation clauses.
price fixing 3 years optional one year extension with cost escalation clauses.
Improved pricing due to strong customer demand and tight transportation supply and fuel surcharges combined with cost escalation clauses in multi-year customer contracts are driving revenue gains across the board.
Price fixing 3 Years, optional extension to cost escalation clauses.
Moreover, 29 percent have instituted surcharges, and 9 percent have existing price escalation clauses covering cost increases.