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a clause in a contract that provides for an increase or a decrease in wages or prices or benefits etc


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An effective problem-solving and escalation clause lays out the process, key individuals involved, criteria by which the process will be invoked, and what should be done.
Straight-line recognition of lease payments under operating leases, excluding escalation clause adjustments
Soon after, I became well acquainted with the concept of the escalation clause, the inspections waiver, the failed bid, and generally competing like gladiators for any property deemed livable and available.
If your lease has a gross-up escalation clause, make sure that the base year expenses are also grossed up.
It is necessary to have a clearly worded escalation clause in the lease and ensure that the calculations adhere completely to the terms of the clause.
Tenant leases are structured with varying terms, though common to all leases is an annual rent escalation clause.
Offer conditions for entire duration of the framework agreement (first year fixed, then repricing according to Bidder escalation clause and interest rate hedging surcharge) -
Look for cost escalation clause which means buyers have to bear the cost in case the price of the raw material goes up by 15 per cent.
Shrewsbury Public Schools have a contract with local company AA Transportation that does not include an escalation clause.
The price of this gas is said to be less than $1/m BTU, but this has an escalation clause (see background in down11QatrPetchmSep12-05).
At the May 3 EWEB meeting, Bishop pulled the Garten contract from the board's consent calendar, arguing that renewing the five-year contract could put the utility at financial risk because it contained an open-ended cost escalation clause.
Among the issues is whether the state can adopt a escalation clause that will allow for salary increases and liability, he said.
However, many owners and tenants experience results different from those anticipated by the escalation clause whenever there are significant fluctuations in the occupancy of the building.
The idea is to lock in on rates, which typically contain a slight escalation clause, for two or three years.
Escalation Clause for total losses designed to provide coverage for attachments and betterments and improvements to the equipment