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Synonyms for escalation

Synonyms for escalation

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an increase to counteract a perceived discrepancy

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China conventional conflict: the fourth section explores both deliberate and inadvertent escalation risks in such a conflict, and the fifth section discusses several measures for preventing inadvertent escalation.
The Escalation curriculum is one element of One Love Foundation's effort to use technology-based tools and campaigns to educate, motivate and activate young adults ages 16-24.
It noted that killing of citizens and military servicemen due to this armed escalation and scaring people are crimes as horrible as terror crimes.
Diffusion of responsibility: Effects on the escalation tendency.
The real question is how bad things have to get before the symmetrical escalation passes a critical threshold and leads to discontinuous change.
It is very rare to find a recent lease without some sort of escalation provision included within its terms.
If it is correct that restorative justice is a powerful tool for securing respect for legal rights, but more powerful if it is backed by the possibility of responsive escalation to litigated justice, then an important way of securing equal protection of rights is to make both restorative justice and responsive regulation as available to the most powerless citizens as they are to wealthy individuals, powerful corporations, and state regulators.
Thorough, rich in details, and well researched and articulated, Logevall's analysis of all the facts in this wider framework leads him to conclude that--contrary to the Administration's arguments--American credibility, prestige, or reputation were not really at stake in Vietnam; that efforts to prevent escalation of the Americanization of the conflict through diplomatic efforts were willfully thwarted by the Administration; and that the notion of credibility had as much to do with domestic politics as anything else (i.
EpiTan Limited [ASX: EPT], Melbourne, Australia, has announced better than expected efficacy in its implant dose escalation trial which commenced in November 2003.
Given the continued price escalation for labor and materials, public owners will continue to increase their use of alternative project delivery methods (i.
In conclusion the DART study investigators report that the results suggest that patients receiving the monoclonal antibodies to TNF (infliximab and adalimumab), have a significantly higher rate of dose escalation than patients receiving the soluble TNF receptor etanercept, even in a restrictive budgetary environment and despite lower initial or concurrent DMARD use in etanercept patients.
The King and Morsi agreed to maintain coordination and consultation with various regional and international parties to stop the military escalation in Gaza.
chief on Wednesday called on Israel and Palestine's Hamas to prevent an escalation of hostilities in the Gaza Strip, which Hamas controls, and urged both sides to ensure civilians will be protected, a U.
The recent Israeli escalation on Gaza is meant to kill this optimistic spirit with Israel sending a message to Gazans that there will be no room for optimism.
They chanted several slogans asserting the importance of revolutionary escalation to achieve all demands.