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The cornerstone of the policy should be threat assessment, not an escalating approach or a force continuum.
Bush made the announcement at a time when the region is seeing an escalating series of Palestinian suicide bombings and Israeli counterstrikes.
Unlike a standard 5-year CD, which has a substantial penalty for early withdrawal, the 5-Year Escalating Rate CD provides an annual grace period during which funds can be withdrawn without penalty," Vitale said.
As the general manager of Knickerbocker Village, a 1,600-unit rental that is structured in much the same way as a Mitchell-Lama, I have had to overcome several challenges regarding our budget and escalating costs.
With escalating prices and a diminishing market share, baseball's future is looking bleak.
Now we have the rapidly escalating tidal wave of the Internet.
NBD's new Escalating Rate CD is available through NBD branches in Michigan, Illinois and Ohio.
15 cents/kWh (kilowatt hour), escalating annually at 1%.
In response to escalating gang activity in 1995 that began with the shooting of a gang member by a rival on a bicycle, Simi Valley established a gang task force and a unit in the Police Department to control local gangs.
Substance Abuse Testing: Spurred by escalating liability exposure, contractors have dramatically increased substance abuse testing over the past six years.
This proposed clinical study follows promising results from a first quarter 2006 open-label, dose escalating Phase I clinical trial in the United Kingdom of EBS-A42 in which the protein elicited a statistically significant immune response at all dose levels and was well tolerated by participants with no subjects withdrawing due to an adverse event.
There were signs that the country's financial crisis was escalating.
New threats are escalating the losses faster than anyone might have predicted.
These gentlemen were obviously escalating from straight street robberies to sexual assaults, and that greatly concerned us,'' Angeles said.
This resulted in space rents escalating from $70 to $100 per month.