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a small squadron

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an air force squadron typically containing six airplanes (as in France during World War I)

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A resonne ensuite le communique numero 2 des Forces armees le 6 octobre indiquant que certaines escadrilles d'avions ont bombarde les postes de l'ennemi dans les territoires occupes.
Within weeks of the near catastrophe on the Marne, Commanding Gen Joseph Joffre signed headquarters note S23 authorizing aerial bombardment, with escadrilles (squadrons) V14 and V21 becoming the first bomber units.
Nuclear-powered carrier Charles de Gaulle (R 91), embarking 16 Super Etendard strike and reconnaissance aircraft, 10 Rafale M interceptors, two E-2C Group 2 Hawkeyes and one or more escadrilles (similar to dets) of at least two AS 565MA Panther helos, though additional helos can be temporarily accommodated.
The 103rd was founded and eventually commanded by Major Biddle, who had flown in WWI as part of the famous Lafayette Escadrilles (a volunteer group of American pilots flying French aircraft before our country's entry into WWI).
Despite resistance from some Americans associated with the Lafayette Flying Corps, by late August Corporal Bullard was assigned to fly fighters with the French Escadrilles Spa 93 and Spa 85, probably obtaining two victories.