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any skin disorder involving abnormal redness

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Distribucija pacijenata prema dijagnostikovanom obliku psorijaze Generalized psoriasis 21 Generalizovana psorijaza Localized psoriasis of 11 B palms and soles Lokalizovana psorijaza na dlanovima na tabanima Localized plaque psoriasis 10 Lokalizovana plak psorijaza Speckled type psoriasis 5 "Speckled" psorijaza Psoriatic arthritis 6 Psorijaticni arthritis Generalized psoriatic 4 erythrodermia Generalizovana psorijaticna eritrodermija Other forms of psoriasis 3 Drugi oblici psorijaze Note: Table made from pie chart.
Erythrodermia, on the other hand, is a very rare symptom and not as well known as a possible drug-associated adverse reaction.
Encephalopathy with normal ammonia during VPA treatment was reported in 13 of 19 patients in a German study, but no patient had erythrodermia.
However, none of these forms include erythrodermia.
1), on the other hand, reported that neither MRP8 or MRP14 was detectable in resident macrophages in sections of healthy human tissue, but in acutely inflamed tissue, such as in gingivitis, psoriasis, neurodermatitis, and erythrodermia, MRP14 was present in macrophages of the perivascular infiltrate in 15 of 32 cases analyzed, whereas MRP8 was always absent.