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erythrocytic count, total leukocytic count, hemoglobin contents and platelets count were recorded.
While comparing the antioxidant activity, it was observed that the erythrocytic CAT and GPx levels were significantly lower (p < 0.
The moderate erythrocytosis observed in this case is consistent with chronic hypoxemia but could be the result of dehydration, primary erythrocytic disorders, or cardiac disease.
Derangement of erythrocytic AE1 in [beta]-thalassemia by caspase 3: pathogenic mechanisms and implications in red blood cell senescence," Journal of Membrane Biology, vol.
Evaluation of micronucleus and erythrocytic nuclear abnormalities in Balkan whip snake Hierophisgemonensis.
Hence an effective vaccine against the erythrocytic stage of Plasmodium falciparum would be expected to induce both high antibody titer and T-cell responses, which would limit parasite multiplication rates and thereby reduce morbidity and mortality (6).
Babesiosis or tick fever, is a febrile disease of domestic and wild animals characterized by extensive erythrocytic lysis leading to anaemia, icterus and haemoglobinuria.
Seasonal variation in erythrocytic and leukocytic indices and serum proteins of female Nubian goats.
05) erythrocytic indices, total protein and globulin concentrations as well as the elevated (PLess than0.
Density-based gradient centrifugation segregates CTCs in the mononucleocyte fraction away from the more numerous erythrocytic and granulocytic fraction (18).
3,4) A third proposed mechanism is growth of erythrocytic progenitor cells in the liver in response to tissue hypoxia.
Erythrocytic AChE activity and hemoglobin concentration were measured from a single finger stick sample using the EQM Test-mate ChE Cholinesterase Test System 400, AChE Erythrocyte Cholinesterase Assay Kit 470 (EQM, Cincinnati, OH, USA).
Amyloid beta-induced erythrocytic damage and its attenuation by carotenoids.
Though vivax malaria is treated with chloroquine and primaquine as the drug of choice for eradication of plasmodium vivax, quinine also is a metocidial for plas modium vivax and erythrocytic forms of malarial parasite .