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Using these statistics, a patient's circulating erythrocyte volume can be calculated by multiplying the blood volume with the hematocrit.
If the facility caring for the infant adopts a policy not to withdraw more than 7% of any patient's total erythrocyte volume in any 24-hour period (arbitrary), then a calculation of the maximum allowable whole blood volume that can be removed from the infant without extracting more than 7% of the RBCs can be made.
However, this system relies on erythrocyte volume and size, and the flow cytometer distinguishes erythrocytes on the basis of cellular diameter but cannot recognize dysmorphic erythrocytes with altered shape, such as acanthocytes or codocytes (8).
Changes in the erythrocyte volume fraction (hematocrit) or hemoglobin (BHb) concentration have an immediate influence on the BPb concentration.
54 g/l), whereas the color index level and mean erythrocyte volume were lower in the IDA patients (0.
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