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Synonyms for eruptive

produced by the action of fire or intense heat


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actively spewing out lava

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As long as magma is advancing and flowing at the crater summit and our instruments indicate that the volcano is still on the eruptive stage, Alert Level 4 will remain," he said.
Sandalwood soothes the skin and protects it from irritative reactions and eruptive conditions.
Al-Bassam told KUNA that he will represent Kuwait with his play "In the Eruptive Mode" that will be performed on November 19th during the JTC event.
The fifth album from Alison Mosshart and Jamie Hince accentuates their time-honoured store of dramatic spleen and sleazy undercurrents amid eruptive backdrops.
Channer recognizes that his home place is a land that "feels volcanic, / eruptive in the way of newish nations / built on old foundations of violence, / geographies where genocide and massacre / hang like smoke from coal fires, / mosquito nets.
Internal malignancy associated with the sudden development of numerous seborrhoeic keratoses, in an eruptive fashion with or without pruritus, is generally accepted as the sign of Leser-Trelat.
as she did in her showpiece "Un bel di," earning an eruptive standing ovation at final curtain.
The Mesopotamian civilisation, for example, was a cradle of civilisation, now it's the country of Iraq which is the centre of eruptive violence," says art historian Yashodhara Dalmia.
The eruptive activity continues pretty strong," McGimsey said.
Steatocystoma multiplex can be associated with pachyonychia congenita type 2 (which is characterized by hypertrophic nail dystrophy, focal keratoderma, multiple pilosebaceous cysts, and myriad conditions associated with ectodermal dysplasia) or eruptive vellus hair cysts [1,5].
Eruptive Lentiginosis is the widespread occurrence of several hundred lentigines in a short period of time in the absence of systemic abnormalities.
Two papers study the evolution of the Santa Ana crater lake during 1992-2007, focusing on the 2006-2007 period when the lake drowned the eruptive vent following the 2005 phreatomagmatic eruption, and test a GPS monitoring system on the site.
At the height of each magnetic flip, the sun goes through periods of more solar activity, during which there are more sunspots, and more eruptive events such as solar flares and coronal mass ejections, or CMEs.
To effectively utilize the limited spectrum, those operators have been seeking new technologies to effectively address the concern of eruptive mobile data traffic.